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Jason Becker Documentary needs your help!

Jason Becker Documentary needs your help!


Vintage pic of Jason Becker.

If you don’t know who Jason Becker is, well you should. Our words cannot describe or explain what an amazing human, talent and story that is – Jason Becker. If you play guitar, formed a band, or ever chased the dream of being a rock star – than you must read his website. We promise, if you do so, you will definitely think.

We have interviewed Jason over the years, and we urge you to read these tooo. As many times as Metal Sludge has made people laugh, we could not be more serious when we tell you, reading about Jason’s story will make the strongest man cry. Then in turn, to read his answers to Metal Sludge style questions will leave you in between both. Laughing and crying.

Please go read Jason Words NOW, right >HERE<  Then come back and read his interviews with us. Then we ask you to help with this documentary.

Read Jason’s 20 Questions with us from 2003 >HERE< & his 2009 ReWind >HERE<

The production company behind Perpetual Burn: The Story Of JASON BECKER is seeking additional funding for the official Jason Becker Documentary Film. A statement reads as follows:

"We’re tired of being turned away by producers and commissioners who only want to make films about LADY GAGA and the JONAS BROTHERS and not about real musicians and heroes like Jason. So we’ve decided to make this film the grassroots, independent way and need YOU, the fans, to help make sure this film gets made and Jason’s story and music is seen and heard by millions around the world.

Perpetual Burn: The Story Of Jason Becker is a feature length documentary film about the life and legend of guitarist and musician, Jason Becker. The film will include interviews with Jason, his family and friends, and many of the amazing musicians he’s worked with over the years. There will be plenty of great Jason Becker performance footage from Cacophony through to his solo work, as well as tons of unseen footage and unreleased music from the Becker archives.

For anyone expecting to see a sad and depressing film, this ain’t it. Yes, this film will document Jason’s struggles with ALS and will aim to create awareness of the disease and its effects on thousands of people. But it is ultimately about his life as a brilliant musician and the way he is able to inspire millions of people throughout the world with his music, his mind, and his spirit.

The film will be translated in over ten languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, German, French, Polish, and Serbian."


For more info and to donate visit Jasonbeckermovie . com >HERE<

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