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Ratt – major tension in Japan, members on hiatus?

Ratt – major tension in Japan, members on hiatus?


RATT 2010 – Blotzer, Cavazo, Pearcy, Crane, DeMartini


It seems that the RATT world is going round and round again. Sadly not on the charts with a hit single, but more turmoil within and band members feuding.

A recent rumor has popped up about Robbie Crane no longer being in the band. We reached out to Robbie and asked point blank. His reply is below.


As far as I’m concerned there is no Ratt to be "fired" from as Ratt is on an indefinite hiatus as we’ve finished the Infestation tour in Japan last week… Warren has dates with his and Dee Schnider’s Christmas band, Stephen has 4 to 6 months of solo dates, Carlos is working with Rudy and Vinny on an awesome new project and I’m touring with Lynch Mob over the next couple of months… Thanks for the concern…

Sludge out with your cock out! Robbie

Also, some sources close to the band have reported an alleged ugly incident between Bobby Blotzer and a Japanese drum tech. The reports are alleging that Blotzer became violent and physical with the hired tech.

We have reached out to Bobby as well and his reply is below.

No violence. Just fired a tech who was extremely UN qauified and I told the get off the stage .  As far ad the other stuff.  Crane is not in a position to speak for any band he plays in as far ad I know. Bobby Blotzer

Thanks for the update Bob. Might want to hit spell check next time, 2 sentences – 4 typos.

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