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Bret Michaels crew/band members square off w/ promoter.

Bret Michaels crew/band members square off w/ promoter.



It seems that a Syracuse New York promoter has "bitten off more than he can chew" says Bret Michaels. This is kind of a train wreck. Lots of live video clips related with band members and crew arguing with promoter on camera. Bret has plenty to say as well.

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – In a one-on-one interview with NewsChannel 9, Bret Michaels said that he and his group will return in November to perform for fans in Syracuse. Michaels made an appearance at the CNY Regional Market Thursday, despite the postponement of his show there.

The tour buses rolled up early Thursday morning, and the band looked out the window to see absolutely nothing. "It’s very unusual, very," said production manager Joey Stumpp. "We pride ourselves on being very organized and together."

Concert promoter Mike Banks had a contract to do a full show but postponed the concert, without informing the band. "Never once has the idea of rescheduling come up," said guitarist Pete Evick.

Wednesday, concert promoter Mike Banks told NewsChannel 9 the show at the CNY Regional Market been postponed due to sluggish ticket sales.

Evick says Banks did not live up to his end of the bargain. He had until 9pm Wednesday to pay the deposit the group was supposed to receive prior to the concert. The group says, in typical situations, the deposit is collected well before the concert, but they extended the deadline until Wednesday evening.

"You don’t just go: ‘Hey I don’t feel like paying anybody.’ I think with a guy like Mike, he bit off more than he could chew," said Bret Michaels.

As of Noon Thursday, the group had not received any deposit money.

Michaels performed in front of a large crowd in Big Flats Wednesday night. His appearance on NBC’s show "America’s Got Talent," which aired last night, was taped at an earlier time.

Following the performance in the Southern Tier, Michaels and the group decided to head to Syracuse and figure out what to do.

They say they were ready to perform, but nothing was ready for them. "There’s no stage, no sound, no lights and now you’re putting the blame on everybody else, which we heard you would do," said Stumpo.

Banks said he advertised everyway he could think of, except for billboards, and wasn’t getting enough people to buy tickets. "I never anticipated less than 1000 tickets would be sold online for a superstar like Bret Michaels," he said. "A lot of the money which was set aside for deposits was used up due to lower attendance than anticipated."

Bret Michaels group says they have nearly sold-out every venue they have played while on tour. They say if Banks didn’t sell enough tickets, that is his problem.

Michaels also says that it’s normal for there to be low sales in advance. Everyone shows up at the door, because with general admission, you get the same chance at seeing the show up close. "Here’s what he’s done: lots of fans will be disappointed," said Michaels. "The fans mean everything to me everything cause to me that’s what make the rock-n-roll world go round."

"Probably a lot of artists would not have come at all. But Brett’s dedication to fans — he’s the real deal," said Evick

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