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Axl Rose flips out on Mexican leaf blowing gardners?

Axl Rose flips out on Mexican leaf blowing gardners?


Axl Rose flips out on gardner? Sounds crazy, but then again, it is Axl.



By Buddy Nichols – Sunday August 1st, 2010 @ 08:05pm PST

MALIBU, CA — It was 7:30am when Axl Rose "called it a day" and climbed into the lower deck of his custom-made fur-lined bed inside his Latigo Canyon estate.

"We had just gone to sleep when we heard this loud, constant buzzing sound," said Rose’s longtime friend and roommate, Sebastian Bach. "I looked down from the top bunk at Axl and we were both like… Mexicans?"

Their hunch was correct as Rose and Bach stepped outside to confront a landscaping crew that were working on the lawn of Rose’s neighbor.

"Axl was possessed with anger," said Rose friend and roommate, Sebastian Bach. "He was ready to take these guys down.. and I don’t mean to Paradise City."

After exchanging a few angry words with the crew, Axl and Bach quickly fled back into the safety of Rose’s house.

"He came out in this furry robe," recalled gardner Carlos Gutierrez. "He was like ‘are you the motherfuckers with the lawn blowers?’ I said ‘what’s it to you, fatass?’" At that point he threw some half-assed karate kick and ran away saying something like, "Thanks to you the whole fucking tour is off."

Soon after Rose called his manager Doc McGhee and demanded that all the dates for the upcoming Guns ‘N Roses shows be canceled – starting with the New Mexico gig.

"I had to calm Axl down and remind him that New Mexico is a state and not a country," laughed McGhee. "He took a few Xanax and a nap and he was back to his old nutty self. The tour is still on."

Not sure how legit this is, but the link for the article is found >HERE<

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