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Fan reviews new Bret Michaels solo CD “Custom Built”

Fans review new Bret Michaels soloi CD "Custom Built"


Pete Evick & Bret Michaels


A fan online has written a review for the long awaited Bret Michael’s solo CD "Custom Built".

I picked this up today at best buy for 7.99. I gave it a shot as I am a big Poison fan and I figured it would be decent at worst. Wow was I wrong…

Bret had the opportunity of a life time to launch his self as a solo artist with the media shit storm he’s been in. If this cd had been at least decent he could have had something to build from.

First off the packaging looks like someone learned photo shop and designed their first layout. It’s old stock photos that don’t even look like they were done by a real photographer. The insert is just a 1 panel insert with nothing special about it.

The music is worse. The only song that sounds like it was actually mixed by engineer is the single he did with Miley Cyrus. The rest of the song production is local band demo quality and several songs like like he was singing on top of an mp3 and just mixed it that way. The song writing is just bad. I guess those theories about C.C writing all the hits could be true. The direction is all over the place. The remix that the Godhead guy did was LOL bad. The cover of What I Got was an abortion and the Every Rose redo was hard to listen to. The entire production sounds like he surrounded himself with YES men who wouldn’t tell him when something was bad. He needed some one to come in and really produce a real record.

The guy could have did himself a big favor and hired a real producer and a decent co writer. His graphics would have looked better if the in house team at disc makers would have done it. He should have released a new cd with all new songs on it instead of this rehash disaster.

This cd will do him no favors and will most likely end any musical interest he gained with all this spotlight. I plan on returning the cd tomorrow and claiming it’s skipping and just trade my new one in for something else. It’s that bad. He should be embarrassed.

Review written by girlsgirlsgirls

Some Sludge faithful have commented on this review. Let’s see what they have added.

CatStars writes:

not bad I expected the review to be much worse

Luminiferous writes:

I want a reggae version of Every Rose.

Enslavedone writes:

Spot on review. It makes Hollyweird sound passable… Bret should be nice to the rest of Poison, he’s gonna need em soon.

JasonJenniferLeigh writes:

OMF He did not put that 15 year old Crack A Smile era picture on his disc … this explains why he is wearing the braids again.

WhiteHouseSubsAc writes:

Pretty spot-on assessment. This thing is a giant turd.

NunoFreak writes:

One of the most accurate reviews I have ever read. Very good!

There you have it folks. Make sure to run out, get your copy today, and return it tomorrow for a CD you won’t be ashamed to have in your collection.

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