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Dee Snider on Bret Michaels illnesses: “Not sure if they are honest”

Dee Snider on Bret Michaels illnesses: "Not sure if they are – honest!"


Dee Snider is not sure about Bret Michaels illnesses!


Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider was recently interviewed by TMZ crews and asked about the Al Gore scandal.

Dee commented: "Al Gore is a legend..I know one thing. 25 years ago I was the scourge of society, I’m still married, my kids haven’t been busted for drug possesion, can Al Gore say the same?"

Then TMZ asks how he feels about Chris Brown and his Michael Jackson tribute.Dee replies: "I will tell you. Kind of like how I feel about Bret Michael’s illnesses – not sure if they are – honest!"

That a boy Dee! Call it like we saw it 2 months ago. Thanks for backing the Sludge.

Log onto TMZ site >HERE< and search clip "Dee Snider takes major shots at Al Gore"

In related news, it seems like Bret’s star meter is dropping faster than his hair has dropped out of his head. So just to stir the pot we see some more of the "help I’ve had a heart attack, stroke, brain hemmorhage and can’t get up – but still go on 20 talk shows, tour and do $ 1,000.00 meet n’ greets with fat fans" press statements from the BMB staffers.

Bret’s main road boss Janna Elias recently is quoted with more of the same.

"While Bret may be out on the road and performing, he is still not 100 percent," Janna Elias, V.P. of Michaels Entertainment said Tuesday. "He still has pain from the chemical meningitis, short term memory loss and gets fatigued quicker than normal."

The rocker, 47, however, hasn’t put his health in jeopardy by hitting the road. Instead, he "simply feels that music is a powerful healer," adds Elias.

Michaels’s doctor reiterated that rocker is lucky to be alive after his entire ordeal. "Between 15 and 20 percent of patients die as a result of the initial hemorrhage, and only approximately 50 percent of those that survive have a good outcome," says Dr. Joseph Zabramski of the Barrow Neurological Institute.

"For anyone to speculate that this was not a life threatening medical emergency is absolutely incorrect," adds Zabramski. "Bret is truly one of the most determined individuals I have ever met when it comes to an attempt at making a full recovery."

Article found >HERE< on PEOPLE.com

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