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Bulletboys updates – from BOTH camps.

Bulletboys updates – from BOTH camps.


Jimmy D’ Anda on facebook tonight says: "Bulletboys rehearsal underway"


We’ve been sent a few updates on Bulletboys. One from the Marq Torien version, and yet another has popped into our inbox care of the Jimmy D’Anda, Mick Sweda & Lonnie Vencent version.

Jimmy D’ Anda Facebook post from earlier today reads as follows:

Leaving Our new house and going our old house to get my drums for the first rehearsal with Lonnie Vencent and Mick Sweda with Andy Freeman on vocals nigjtngales in burbank..yes a Bulletboys rehearsal!

A source close to the "Marq" version of Bulletboys has sent us the following:

"A formal statement will be made through our attorney in the next week or so regarding this situation. And as far as the August 14th show in Norfolk, NE, originally booked by Lonnie’s group, they have been officially removed from the show, and Marq’s Bulletboys are now doing this show. Contracts have already been signed. Come check us out on the road… we have a bunch of dates up on our MySpace page"

To visit the "Marq Torien" version of Bulletboys on myspace go >HERE<

To visit the "Lonnie Vencent" version of Bulletboys on myspace go >HERE<

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