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X-Great White drummer “I will own the name GREAT WHITE”

Former GREAT WHITE drummer "I will own the name GREAT WHITE"


Great White back in the day.. Lorne Black, Mark Kendall, Jack Russell & Gary Holland

Metal Sludge has been hearing some interesting rumors regarding the band GREAT WHITE.

We have been sent the following message from former GREAT WHITE drummer Gary Holland.

"I am just glad Jack has lived long enough to witness his own ruin because if anyone deserves it, Jack Russell does. I am coming at him with everything and armed with the finest counsel money can buy. The real TRUTH, which Great White Fans are not aware of, will finally be revealed.

Before this is over, I will own the name GREAT WHITE just so I can bury it where it belongs".

Stay Tuned…

Gary Holland 


We found another Gary story on Radar Online from a few months back >HERE<

Some links for Gary Holland.  His MySpace is >HERE<

Gary still seems to have some chops on drums and can sing lead >HERE<

The Great White MTV video for "Substitute" with Gary Holland on drums >HERE<

We have reached out to the GREAT WHITE camp and will await their reply.

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