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LA Guns drama. Tracii Guns fires off on Phil Lewis!

LA Guns drama. Tracii Guns fires off on Phil Lewis!


Tracii Guns to Phil Lewis "
Your an ungrateful whiney bitch."


It looks like there is some more drama in LA Guns camps. That’s camps – as in plural.

Tracii Guns has fired off on Phil Lewis in the Sludge forums.

Tracii titles the thread "Phillip Lewis" and it reads as follows:

Ya I am the Hack,, that brought you to the US,,,, I am the hack your guitar player pretends to be. I am the hack you have abused verbally for the last 20 years of my life… Sounds to me like your an ungrateful whiney bitch. At least nobody in my band pretends to be anyone in your band. besides that,,,, L.A. GUNS was never bigger than a c level band and you are still pretending to be a rockstar. Rockstars headline Arenas, Own Property, Own Expensive cars, And Give enormous charitable donations and are generally very humble. Your band and my band both can draw between 100- 500 people on our own at a nightclub and you act like you are Elton John. WAKE THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!!!!! You stress yourself out over nothing and you disrespect the guy that is cool enough to give you praise and not talk shit about you in my little interviews because unlike you" I APPRECIATE OUR PAST" you fucking asshole!!!!

This is sure to develop beyond this. We’ll ask if Phil has anything to add to please send it to Sludge.
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