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Has Sebastian Bach turned into Meatloaf?

Sebastian Bach. What does he look like today?


Has Sebastian Bach turned into Meatloaf!


Everyone remembers the rock star Sebastian Bach of Skid Row. The tall, thin, rock God that made girls scream around the world. Well tall and thin is a stretch but it looks like he probably can still make them scream for sure.

There is a promo teaser online for the new RUSH documentary "Beyond the Lighted Stage".  Sebastian Bach, Kirk Hammett of Metallica & Mike Portnoy of Dream Theatre are just some of the stars in the documentary.

Here are few still shots from the Baz interview. Note, we have not altered, stretched or changed anything about these stills. This is the way Bach appears in the video clip. Looks like the voice that screamed "Youth Gone Wild" has went wild with the french fries, pies and soda pop!




"Food Gone Wild"

Don’t take our word for it, go see for yourself right >HERE<

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