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Jack Russell of Great White falls down on stage in Texas!

Jack Russell of Great White falls down on stage in Texas!


Jack Russell on the music industry: "I think it’s all bullshit."


Everyone knows who the 80s rock band Great White is, and they still have fans everywhere. The band is out touring and making music. But sadly many still associate them mainly with the horrible Station Fire that took the lives of 100 innocent people back in February 2003.

It’s been 30+ years of rock n’ roll for this Southern California band, and it seems to be taking it’s toll on the band, most notably with founding member Jack Russell.

A recent radio interview with Great White lead singer leaves you wonder. Is he ok? For real folks. You have to listen to this interview to understand or "not" understand what’s happening with Jack Russell. Log onto 94 WYSP Radio’s (Phillaldelphia) official site and listen to the Podcast of their recent interview with Jack Russell >HERE<

WYSP makes a note on the blog for the interview that reads as follows:

"The interview itself gets a little strange around the 10 minute mark."

Don’t take their word for it, go listen now.

Below is what fans are saying about the interview on the site’s actual blog.

Deb writes:

The end of that interview was hysterical! Sounded like Jack was out of his mind! So very sad! Between him and Jani Lane they need to pack it in.

Rachel writes:

Haha, Jack Russell has dissociative personality disorder.

CC-S writes:

just wondering did his medication wear off or kick in near the end there?

Matt writes:

they have had a rough ride over the last 25 years… never a real “headlining act” and after the fire, they should have quit. I liken them to be about as relevant as the band Kix. However, what the hell was he talking about when he hit the 9:40 min mark. it was like he was talking in third person!

Slimelord writes:

I started to wonder if someone had punk’d the interviewer. this kinda sounded like Jack but he sounds like a 73 year old here. I bet he’s on at least 20 meds.

Monkey Girl writes:

I was at the Great White show @ Polaris Club in Philly. This show was totally not promoted at all, there was maybe about 50 people there if that. Jack Russell was indeed on a chair the whole set due to him having failed spinal surgeries. He came onto the stage on crutches!! It really made my friend and I very upset to see him in this condition. He even mentioned that he is on morphine, how he performed I don’t know but it was still good.

Now over the weekend Great White performed at a club in San Antonio Texas and the start of the show was a bit disturbing. Jack Russel who has had some recent health issues takes the stage with a cane and noticeable limp. He sits on a bar stool/chair, equipped with drink holders, sings a bit and soon after falls down on stage. Sadly, he can’t seem to get back up. And the band just keeps on playing. Finally a road crew member runs out and helps Jack to his stool.

Fans on the Sludge forums are talking about this topic >HERE< and many are making their opinions heard. Some of what they are saying is posted below.

Justinjc7 writes:

First the wierd interview he had a few weeks ago and now this. I went to the Great White show in San Antonio on Friday and for the most part it was a great show and they played a real good setlist. But during the first song Jack Russell took a little stumble and it was one of the most awkward things to watch. I felt bad for the guy, last time I saw him was at ROK 07 and he was thin and fit and running all over the stage. Now he’s gained a bunch of weight, can’t walk without a cane and can’t even hold himself up. As much as I love Great White, they need to just take a break for a few months, there’s a point when too much is too much.

ElToro writes:

OMG?! He looks like he’s disabled… severely. The skinny leg, distended stomache thing is indicative of real health issues.

TexAzHair writes:

Looks like the band is used to it……they just keep on playing.

HueyRamone writes:

WTF. Maybe you cancel your show when you’ve reached the "Ive fallen and I cant get up" phase of your life…

HellsHungryChild writes:

WTF happened to him??! What illness does he have? He looked youthful about 2 years ago, now he looks 20+ years older.  He makes Don Dokken look like a young Elvis.

FasterMetallicat writes:

WTF. Between this and the interview where he was planning on seeing Great White, he clearly is a mess. He’s huge, limping, and drugged out. He couldn’t even get back on the stool! I hope he gets his act together. He should probably take a break from touring. Should make Rock N American interesting though…

ParaDime77 writes:

It’s a bullshit move by the band’s management (or lack there of) to send a man on stage in that condition. I feel bad for Jack seriously.

Transcient1 writes:

That is absolutely pathetic. I cannot believe that he would put himself on the stage in that shape. Sad, very sad.

A video clip of Jack’s fall is on youtube and can be seen >HERE<

Crutches? Morphine? Surgery? Sounds like a Bret Michaels promo.

In all seriousness, to whom ever is in charge over there – maybe Jack Russell shouldn’t be on the road right now folks.

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