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Fox News affiliate thinks Bret Michaels illness is a hoax!

Fox News Anchor thinks Bret Michaels illness was a hoax!


Was his illness a hoax? Fox News affiliate thinks maybe so!


Amen, Someone else has the balls to stand up and say something.

A post on Perez Hilton has a video clip from a Fox News NY channel where one of the anchors says: "We think it’s a hoax."  Let’s see what the people’s comments are on this blog:

#1MileyFan writes:

I actually wouldnt be suprised. I was actually just thinking that yesterday. The chances of surviving a brain hemerage are very very slim. Also to be out of the hospital soo quickly and rocking on stage. It seems odd. Also he looked just fine yesterday. It could just be one big publicity stunt.

JCPR writes:

hey i’m thinking the same thing! if he almost died why is he going to all this events lately? instead of resting and be healthy? money is a big part i know but come on!!!

GossipMaven writes:

We’ve been thinking the SAME thing. I can’t even count on my fingers and toes how many appearances he’s done since he miraculously recovered. And I’m a Huge Poison and Bret fan. But I’m also not stupid.

Check the link from Perez Hilton .com right >HERE<


Of course the Sludge faithful are tearing this apart as well right >HERE<

And here is what they are saying:

@3/4TM writes:

Good to see a reputable outfit like Fox setting the story straight.

Monty610 writes:

It’s not a "Fox News" anchor. It’s a local TV news from New York on the Fox affiliate. Big difference.

But it was a hoax.

CantStopTheMusic writes:

He had a tiny brain bleed, which was EXTREMELY minor – compared to what was/has been reported.

He didn’t almost die, he was never touch-and-go, he barely even had any brain swelling.

What he had was as MINOR as the condition could POSSIBLY be.

He’s milked this misplaced sympathy like nothing I can recall from ANYONE.

It’s pathetic.

Chungasrevenge writes:

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

MurrayFiend writes:

Is he just going to get away with this? Why aren’t more media outlets asking questions? Surely there isn’t some vast pro-Bret media conspiracy.


TMZ also has a new post today about Bret’s concert kick off tonight.

Fans seem to be jumping on the "Bret’s story is a fake" band wagon about as fast as they jumped on the "poor Bret get better soon" wagon. Which reached capacity weeks ago.

The TMZ readers comments include:

andi writes:

He’s a FAKER! Talk about a whore for publicity! He was back on TValmost immediatley after a brain hemmorrage and coma? WHY???? does his life and health mean NOTHING to him??? No, it’s because it’s all a ruse for publicity. Trump probably thought that one up…losing viewers….make up an incredible story of Brett almost dying, yeah. that’s the ticket….I’m calling bull****

Mandy writes:

Bret is a faker.

DidTiger writes:

I totally agree it’s a fake made for publicity story! or highly exaggerated…love how he wears the bandana all the time and says he wants to die singing…UM 100% HE’S JUST BALD UNDER THERE! LOL" CAN’T STAND HIM OR TRUMP AND THROW IN A SLU_TTY KARDASHIAN TOO.

SarahPalin writes:

I think this guy really has a death wish. At this point how can you feel bad for him? He’s being extremely selfish; doesn’t he think about his family?

Wil writes:

what a ****ty father….if your doctor doesn’t want you to return to the stage you have to listen. You have a daughter and it’s not all about "bret". SELFISH PARENTS MAKE ME SICK !!!!!!

DIMO writes:

I think this whole health thing was nothing more than BS from square 1 (the phony appendicitis crap right up to "the hole in his heart" malarkey) HOW LOW CAN YOU GO??

Alessa writes:

Why is Bret doing this? Because he lie people, LIE!

Look Gary Coleman, are you expecting him to get up and go work tomorrow? NOPE, he just have a brain hemorrage. Bret is in need, that’s way he’s doing all this pathetic publicity.

Editors Note: See update below, Gary Coleman has sadly died. RIP

That link for the Bret TMZ story is found >HERE<


In some sad related news Actor Gary Coleman is on life support after suffering a brain hemorrhage at his home. It’s officially noted that he is in a coma now in a Salt Lake City Utah hospital. This after being admitted Wednesday.

Breaking News: Gary Coleman dies TMZ link found >HERE<

In another related story U2 singer Bono had a serious back surgery that has caused the band to cancel the remainder of their 2010 North American tour dates. Story >HERE<

Mean while Bret Michaels surges ahead with no less than a dozen appearances in the last 96 hours since winning the Celebrity Apprentice. Michaels is slated to kick off his tour tonight in Biloxi Mississippi. Things that make you go hmmmm?

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