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Bret Michaels plane makes medical detour on way to NYC!

Bret Michaels private plane makes medical detour on way to NYC!


Denise Richards gets cozy with Bret Michaels.

Folks can you believe this? More medical issues for Mr. Michaels.

Perez Hilton is reporting the following:

Even after a spokesperson for Bret Michaels has said that they are "cautiously optimistic" about his attendance at the finale, good ol’ Bret still boarded a private jet headed for New York.

While en route to the Big Apple, the plane had to make a quick detour in Nashville after Bret "complained of a headache, lower back pain and some cramping in the legs."

The rocker and his team felt it was okay to continue though, and he’s currently on his way to meet The Donald and face off against Holly Robinson Peete!

Below are some readers omments from the Perez article:

kleeow writes:

He is a mental midget. Brain Hemorrages, holes in hearts, strokes, and all he cares about is his fame. Un BULL eve able. This guy is truely asking for his own death. Anyone who is given obvious clues as to needing to get his life together and chooses to ignore it, deserves his end result.

hamnip writes:

keep on strokin bret!

TORTEZ writes:

Ego maniac.

ShoeWhore writes:

I’m already bored hearing about how he’s got this, that, some hole in his heart, diabetes, this / that, brain hemorrhage, whatnot … he should just drop dead already, and maybe he can do it right this time, with the cameras rolling !!

shittin_condoms writes:

how in the fuck did this guy get famous like 25 years after his career eneded? he is a nobody

Perez Hilton feature found right >HERE<


TMZ has a clip of Bret leaving the Hotel in NYC today on his way to the show!

He said that he: "Wasn’t feeling super great."

TMZ article >HERE<


Bret Michaels has his own Snapple drink out called "Trop-A-Rocka"

You can now purchase Bret Michaels’ NEW Diet Snapple ‘Trop-A-Rocka’

Tea at your favorite grocery retailer! If they don’t have it, contact

Snapple directly to find out where you can get it or visit: http://www.snapple.com/

for a retailer directory! Portion of proceeds benefit Bret’s diabetes charity.

Also, don’t miss the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ finale TONIGHT at 9/8 pm cst on NBC!

Will Mr. Trump choose Bret or Holly as the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’? Tune in tonight to find out!

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Thank you for your support.

Post above from Bret’s Twitter found >HERE<

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