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Bret Michaels on PEOPLE cover & iTunes single out now!

Bret Michaels makes PEOPLE magazine cover!


Bret Michaels still rocking the head band in ICU?


Bret Michaels is in your grocery store right now!

That’s righ folks the Bret story has went through the roof and he now has made the cover of PEOPLE magazine. So when you’re paying for your groceries this weekend look for him at the check out.

In the recent few weeks this story has had lots of attention. It’s also had a lot of speculation: fans thoughts, opinions and well wishes for Mr. Michaels.

From the start we at Metal Sludge have been very supportive and can only hope the best for Brets health. However after nearly a solid week, and ‘4’ seperate posts starting on April 23rd 2010 >HERE< we found some of the details surrounding Bret’s "status" to be questionable. Of course we made that public right >HERE< on Thursday April 29th 2010 and again on Sunday May 2nd 2010 right >HERE<

We’re glad to hear that according to Bret’s Dr. he’s likely to make a full recovery.

Which is great!

Breaking news, the new Bret Michael’s single "Wasted Time" just hit iTunes as well!  See official Bret Michaels Twitter post >HERE< pushing the new single!

In the end the most important thing is that Bret is okay, and it seems in fact he will be. Of course people are still commenting online everywhere from CNN, PEOPLE, to TMZ, Perez Hilton and of course the mighty Metal Sludge that this event was dragged out for some extra press. Oh well, what the hell – it’s only rock n’ roll right?

Now for a little Sludge edge to the drama.

It seems that the fans online have had a little fun with photoshop and created some amazing images with Bret regarding this whole incident. We thought we’d share a few with you now.


Photoshop courtesy of GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT



Photoshop courtesy of SATANHIMSELF


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