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Fans of Poison start to question Bret Michael’s story!

Fans of Poison start to question Bret Michael’s story.


Fans questioning Bret’s "In Critical Condition to In Concert" story!


It seems like Bret Michaels has healed over night. According to the latest, he will make a full recovery due to his "sheer will to live". Wow. This is very suprising to some of his most die hard fans. This is a man who according to Bret’s official Twitter & Facebook pages was in critical condition and in ICU as recent as Thursday April 29th. And this all started a full week earlier.

Now in the recent 48 hours there is press everywhere plugging his "sheer will" and the tour starts May 26th. Can a man in critical condition for a solid week start a rock n’ roll tour in less than 4 weeks?

CNN article "Manager: Bret Michaels’ tour could resume in late May" Apr. 29th 2010

Fans react with the following comments:

robdahl writes:

Yesterday, he was getting worse. Now today they are talking Tour in a month. OMG makes one wonder if this is publicity stunt. Seems yesterdays news he was in critical condition. Now a tour in a month…Sorry but "if"he was that bad off yesterday, and has been for almost a week. I would hope he is smart enough to take a year off, and let his body rest.

Peter24 writes:

Slurred speech, lack of coordination, and blurred vision….and he thinks he is going on tour in May? Add to the list DELUSIONAL.

Guest writes:

Oh my god this is delusional. I’m so sorry, but do they understand what a subarachnoid hemorrhage is? Holy crap. I will never understand how people delude themselves. I mean this is sad, but I promise you HE WILL NOT BE TOURING ANYTIME SOON. Let’s hope he survives and is able to talk first.

Desertroseaz writes:

One does not recover for a major head bleed that quickly! He will need rehab and a recovery peroid! Whoever thinks differently is miss leading the public….

Mik2003 writes:

What kind of crack is his PR team smoking if they think he’ll be well enough to tour in a month?

Akamai writes:

I was thinking the same thing. Makes me wonder if we were just being snookered by his media people all along to generate a bunch of publicity. You don’t suffer a "massive brain hemorrhage" and walk out of the hospital and go on tour 4 weeks later. I have a friend who is a doctor who suffered a brain bleed 16 months ago, was in ICU a full month, & then in hospital & re-hab for another 4 months, and is STILL recovering. If this guy walks out of the hospital with no deficits & goes on tour in May, then we’ve all been had.

Busydoc writes:

He will be very lucky if he walks out of the hospital without major neurological deficits. These types of bleeds usually have an ominous prognosis and high mortality rate. Poor guy.

MakQn writes:

Janna Elias, you sound like one delusional individual! Are you off your rocker, woman?!  How can he be fit to tour within a month, and then in the same article, you say "His full recovery could take months"? Who could possibly be ready to take to the stage when they’re still bed stricken and have they serious effects of a brain hemorrhage?!

A4h writes:

No one recovers from brain hemorrhage (if they survive) within 30 days and back to work; it would take at least 6 months for recovery which includes therapy. Brain hemorrhage is fatal, my sister died from it, she was DOA – the hospital was just a stone throw away from her house, she died on her 28th birthday.

The above article & the peoples comments are posted on CNN.com >HERE<

People article "Doctor: Bret Michaels ‘Has An Unbelievable Fight in Him" Apr. 30th 2010

Fans react with comments:

Michael D. Huff writes:

Continuing updates on bret michaels,Doctors say he has an unbelievable fight in him,and there will be a press conference on tues at noon on his prognosis,he is alert,slured speech,off balance,and side effects of sizure activity.

Jamie Fairles writes:

As a fellow survivor of a subarachnoid hemmhorage from an assault 5 years ago, I can say that Bret Michaels’ life will never be the same. There is no such thing as a ‘full recovery’ from such a hemmorhage. To this day I do not walk with a natural gait and I have very little balance on my left side. As a fan of Bret Michaels I unfortunately have to be the bearer of bad news. After such a brain bleed, Mr. Michael’s life will be forever altered.

Diana Wagner writes:

There is no excuse that these doctors have not found the bleed!! My husband is a Brain injury surviver(aneurysm) and although it is different there truly is no reason the doctors should not have found this yet.

Sian Erith Thomson writes:

I had a brain stem stroke two years ago and am lucky to be here and able to read and write! It took 18 months to fully recover everything I would be left with…some vision and hearing loss, memory problems, fatigue, slurred speech when I am tired, and the doctor’s said my will to live got me through an event that has a 90% fatality rate. It is amazing how much the human spirit counts in our survival, I, too, survived because I was doggedly determined to live for my children (widowed mother) While I am not quite the same as I was, in a lot of ways I am better, grateful for every day.

The above article & the fans comments are posted on People.com >HERE<

Blabbermouth article "BRET MICHAELS Making An ‘Amazing Recovery" May 3rd 2010

Fans comments are below:

Evil Eyes writes:

Any chance that the facts behind this incident have been conveniently "tweeked", or even that they have been flat out fabricated just for publicity for the Celebrity Apprentice and Bret’s new album? Just saying that it seems weird that he went from having brain hemmoraging… being on verge of coma and dying.. doctors not able to pinpoint where bleeding was occuring… and then next thing you know he’s gonna be fine and touring 1 1/2 months later.

Omega Dog writes:

Yes, at this point, I’d say that possibility is at least "fair to middlin’," as they say. The way this thing has been milked over the last week, with daily updates saying basically nothing, just to keep his name in the headlines, and always managing to slip in little plugs for his website and his album and tour … it just don’t smell good. In fact, it reeks of "Let’s take something that could’ve been big, and make it REALLY BIG, and cast Bret as a sympathetic figure," a role he just loves to play.

AcesHigh99 writes:

I’m as cynical as they come, but even I can’t believe that Bret would do something like what he’s being accused of. Now, I’m SURE that his publicist is making this whole affair as melodramatic as a Rocky film, but that’s what publicists do.

Omega Dog writes:

Well, one thing’s for sure, in this day of TMZ and papparazzi and all kinds of electronic records, if it is a ho-axe (as the late Lewis Grizzard would say), it’ll soon come out.

Basajaun writes:

I don’t know how people can think this is a hoax or a publicity stunt of any type.

Omega Dog writes:

Hey, Bret doesn’t need a publicist to be an attention whore. Another thing: you notice all last week, until the name of the hospital was released, none of the doctors quoted in various "updates" were ones that were actually treating him?

The above article and fans comments are found on Blabbermouth >HERE<

Lastly let’s check in on the World Famous Metal Sludge forums.

Below are several fans comments:

poizond13 writes:

After linking a "sheer will to live" article.

This should put all this talk about Bret’s injury being a publicity stunt to rest. How anyone could even entertain that thought is beyond me. I was particularly moved by the comments the Doctors made about Bret and his will to live.

krismetal replies: 

The doctor is getting publicity for himself, he is going to take credit and the hospital for saving a star. Sure he went along with everything.

UtahRatt writes:

I don’t care if Bret went in for a mother fucking aneurysm, his camp is still blowing up the story and pathetically using it for promotion. Announcing Bret’s on his death bed then a day later…..After everyone’s paying attention…..Giving a headline that he’s going on tour. Fuck off with that shit.

rikraffmarktng writes:

I think Bret’s will to sell another handfull of CDs, do another tour (solo or otherwise) and milk "Rock of Love" for one more seaon in undeniable as well. Coming soon – "Recovery of Love."

UtahRatt writes:

He very well could have dodged a bullet, I’ll wait till the dust clears to make a final decision but until then one thing we know for sure. They’re milking the promotion when someones life is supposed to be on the line. That’s despicable. One minute he’s dying, next his dad says he sounds good, next he’s slurring, next he’s going on tour……Sounds like bull shit to me.

Jaft writes:

Wow this story is getting more and more whack… If you wanna call it a story… Looks like Bret is trying to get another reality series up and running… How sad that some people will go to any length to stay in the news… I hope I am wrong but this is sounding more like a staged game. Wonder if the blame will end up being the curtain which fell on him at the awards show a some months back? Normally when this happens to real celebrities the story is somewhat clearer, this is getting more and more confusing each day.

Serial Mom writes:

So let’s just cut the BS….What is everyone’s consensus on Bret? I have quickly become skeptical, not by anything Sludge said, but because of the optimism of hitting the road at the end of May. It completely makes me question everything put out by Bret’s publicist/team. Nobody goes from "massive" brain hemorrhage, is laid up in ICU for over a week, and bounces back to business as usual in 30 days.

WTF writes:

Last night’s edition of Celebrity Apprentice — in which Bret Michaels risked getting fired by Donald Trump because he brought in the least amount of money for his team — saw double-digit jumps in viewers and key demographics versus the show’s performance last week, according to preliminary ratings.

The above comments can be found on the Gossip Board

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