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Bret Michaels solo guitarist Pete Evick TEXTs Sludge!

Bret Michaels’ guitarist Pete Evick TEXTs Metal Sludge!


Pete Evick & Bret Michaels.


We text’d Bret Michaels solo band guitarist Pete Evick and asked him what is going on.

The following is our text exchanges with Pete!

Metal Sludge = MS

Pete Evick = PE

We sent this text to lead guitarst for the Bret Michaels Band Pete Evick.

April 29th 2010 @ 11:46:32AM (PST)

MS: Pete, is it possible to go from Critical Condition in ICU to back on tour in 30 days?Anyone who would attempt such a feat would be beyond stupid. We are hearing Bret has been out of the hospital for days (thus it’s still a "undisclosed’ loaction). What’s the real story here?

We also sent this text to Bret’s tour manager Janna Elias.

April 29th 2010 @ 11:47:27AM (PST)

MS: Is it possible to go from Critical Condition in ICU to back on tour in 30 days?Anyone who would attempt such a feat would be beyond stupid. We are hearing Bret has been out of the hospital for days (thus it’s still a "undisclosed’ loaction). What’s the real story here?

There was no response from Janna Elias.

Then this text was sent to Pete Evick.

April 29th 2010 @ 12:22:08PM (PST)

MS: Pete, we think this is odd that Elvis, Michael Jackson or anyone else was in the hospital we all knew where same day. Now Bret’s continued press release is that he is in an "undisclosed" location.

And this text was sent to Pete Evick as well.

April 29th 2010 @ 12:23:05PM (PST)

MS: Pete, so we heard he was only in the hospital for a day or so. That’s it. And was discharged days ago. What’s the real story Pete?

Pete Evick starts to text reply to Metal Sludge in light blue below.

Sent to Metal Sludge April 30th 2010 12:06:58AM

PE: Sludge, it’s Pete Evick, I’ve never lied to you, Bret is still in the hosipital right now and hurting like fuck.

Sent April 30th 2010 12:07:59AM

PE: While trying to update the website we fucked up and the release that was supposed to go up about his apoadecitmy went up.

Sent April 30th 12:08:20AM

PE: We took it down asap but many people caught it.

To all Friends & Fans.. is no longer >HERE<

The above post said this: "At this time we are planning to resume the tour May 26th in Ft. Smith, Arkansas provided there are no further complications or setbacks. We will then continue with all scheduled dates throughout the summer and fall, including the June and July tour with LYNYRD SKYNYRD."

It was caught by CNN & Blabbermouth and linked >HERE<

Other Twitter/Facebook posts from Bret Michaels that have been deleted.

Bret Michaels Medical Update 3:19PM Apr. 27th 2010 is no longer >HERE<

Bret Michaels Medical Update 9:06AM Apr. 25th 2010 is no longer >HERE<

Follow Bret Michaels on Twitter to receive the very latest up to the minute developments Apr. 25th 4:36 2010 is no longer >HERE<

Sent April 30th 12:08:43AM

PE: Please retract your comment of it being phony

Sent April 30th 2010 12:09:07AM

PE: Sorry to bother you

Sent April 30th 2010 12:11:28AM

PE: If it was a publicity stunt for our solo band Rikki (Rockett) wouldn’t have gone on CNN, since we detract from Poison in his eyes.

Sent April 30th 2010 3:29:31PM

MS: Ok. What else?

Sent April 30th 2010 3:35:57PM

PE: Nothing else man unless you need to know something. I should not have to bother you sorry.

Sent April 30th 2010 3:40:03PM

MS: What hospital is he in? Or is he out now?

Sent April 30th 2010 3:40:47PM

MS: His sister (Michelle) was quoted last nite as "things are looking up"?

"Sister (Michelle Sychak): Despite ‘throbbing’ brain, Bret Michaels sounds good"

April 30, 2010 9:48AM EDT found >HERE<

Sent April 30th 2010 3:41:42PM

PE: I’m not with him since San Antonio, I know he went from San Antonio to Dallas to somewhere in AZ

Sent April 30th 2010 3:41:47PM

MS: We also see that he is now being reported as speaking well and looking to tour coz it keeps him "sane" according to TMZ?

Originally posted Apr 30th 2010 9:42 AM PDT by TMZ Staff – Read >HERE<

Sent April 30th 2010 3:42:19PM

PE: Things are looking up.

Sent April 30th 2010 3:42:38PM

PE: The touring thing is hard to say, everyone has mixed opinions.

Sent April 30th 2010 3:42:59PM

MS: But less than 24 hours ago Janna’s post on twitter said he was still in ICU and critical?

"Bret Michaels Medical Update" 4/29/10 @ 2:54pm"

"Bret remains in critical condition in ICU" According to official
Twitter >HERE<

Sent April 30th 2010 3:43:06PM

PE: He would certainly like to be out asap but isn’t gonna jeopordize his health

Sent April 30th 2010 3:43:33PM

MS:  Who is everyone?

Sent April 30th 2010 3:43:45PM

PE: His sister (Michelle) has not seen him at all only talked to him once.

Sent April 30th 2010 3:44:23PM

MS: But how can he even talk or think straight if he’s been in ICU and in critical condition for a solid week?

Sent April 30th 2010 3:45:00PM

MS: And she (Michelle) talked to him while he was in critical condition by phone?

Sent April 30th 3:45:47PM

PE: Everyone being Dr’s, 2 guys on CNN came out with opinions without seeing his case.

Sent April 30th 2010 3:46:09PM

PE: Within the last 8 days he had been able to speak very little

Sent April 30th 2010 3:46:51PM

PE: This is the fact, Dr’s told him if he had family to have them come.

Sent April 30th 2010 3: 47:43PM

PE: So on limited occasions he communicated to a few people

Sent April 30th 3:47:50PM

MS: And he was in ICU and in critical condition the WHOLE time @ a hospital? Or at home?

Sent April 30th 2010 3:48:22PM

MS: His Father correct? Coz he made a statement last week.

"Bret Michaels’ Father Speaks Out; Kids & Ex By His Side"

Bret’s Father Wally Sychak "I talked to him this morning,. He sounded upbeat and positive…"

1st Posted April 23, 2010 at 11:21PM  Read >HERE< & >HERE< & >HERE<

Sent April 30th 2010 3:48:49PM

PE: I promise you he was still in the hospital last I knew.

Sent April 30th 2010 3:50:00PM

MS: Have you seen him at all?

Sent April 30th 2010 3:50:12PM

PE: And I promise you if I find any answers to your questions that I can verify, I will let you know.

Sent April 30th 2010 3:50:39PM

PE: I know he didn’t want to scare his daughters

Sent April 30th 2010 3:50:55PM

MS:  Have you spoke to him at all during this time frame?

Sent April 30th 2010 3:51:38PM

MS: What do you mean by "scare his daughters"?

Sent April 30th 2010 3:53:32PM

PE: The way he spoke positive to Wally (his Father) and sis (Michelle)

Sent April 30th 2010 3:54:10PM

MS: We’re confused. Don’t know what you mean?

Sent April 30th 2010 3:54:46PM

PE: Should I call would that be easier?

Sent April 30th 2010 3:55:25PM

MS: No, in a noizy restaurant right now.

Sent April 30th 2010 3:55:45PM

PE: Ok.

Sent April 30th 2010 3:56:37PM

PE: The reason his dad (Wally) and sis (Michelle) seemed up beat because he acted real positive as to not have them say something stupid to his (Bret’s) daughters.

Sent April 30th 2010 3:57:52PM

MS: But his daughters would or should have known anyway what his condition was. It was reported they and Kristy Gibson (Kids Mother) and Janna Elias (tour manager) were at his bedside?

Sent April 30th 2010 3:58:51PM

PE: Janna s not!

Sent April 30th 2010 3:59:26PM

PE: The daughters were able to see him but certainly not by his side.

Sent April 30th 2010 4:00:45PM

MS: It was reported she (Janna) was. More than once.

Janna & kids at his bedside reported  >HERE< & >HERE<

Sent April 30th 2010 4:02:57PM

PE: Ya I know, I don’t have the right to guarantee that Jannas not been there

Sent April 30th 2010 4:03:28PM

PE: I don’t know which way is up right now. That’s the truth.

Sent April 30th 2010 4:04:37PM

PE: All I know is he did have a brain hemmorage, he was told to speak to his family because it was life threatening.

Sent April 30th 2010 4:06:31PM

MS: So you can’t confirm he has been in ICU or critical the whole time either?

Sent April 30th 2010 4:07:24PM

PE: I just spoke to Janne at the office number so if she’s with him she has her number forwarded.

Sent April 30th 2010 4:08:17PM

PE: Here’s the deal, I know his personal Dr. pretty well, and I talk to him a lot.

Sent April 30th 2010 4:08:34PM

PE: My text from him this morning was

Sent April 30th 2010 4:08:57PM

PE: "When he gets out don’t push him to get back in the studio"

Sent April 30th 2010 4:10:58PM

PE: I can send a pic of me in the studio right now I’ll even write something on paper that you tell me to write to prove I’m not with him

Sent April 30th 2010 4:13:40PM

MS: Ok. Write: "This whole Bret thing has been totally exaggerated for press!" Ok?

Sent April 30th 2010 4:16:28PM

PE: I sense your mad at me, this was never my intention.

Sent April 30th 2010 4:16:38PM

PE: And I’m real sorry.

Sent April 30th 2010 4:16:49PM

MS: Pete you have to see that MANY people (not just Metal Sludge) that are questioning the seriousness and validitiy of all of what’s REALLY gone down.

Sent April 30th 2010 4:17:31PM

PE: I get that 100%

Sent April 30th 2010 4:17:53PM

PE: My phone has wrang off the hook, I get it.

Sent April 30th 2010 4:18:40PM

PE: All I can tell you is my Personal info comes from his Dr., who I just happen to know.

Sent April 30th 2010 4:19:25PM

PE: And as far as I know at 11AM east coast time he was still in a hospital.

Posted April 30th 2010 5:12PM by Bret Michael’s Twitter & Facebook pages. See below.

Bret Michaels: Representatives confirm Michaels is being treated at Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona Posted @ Fri Apr 30th @ 5:12pm Read >HERE<

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