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Stockholm Rockout Festival delayed – May 1st plays on!

Stockholm Rockout Festival delayed but May 1st is on!


Vains of Jenna appears in Stockholm May 1st w/ Tigertailz & Crashdiet


Dear music lovers,

Due to the volcano and flight situation over Europe today we have together with our artists decided to postpone the two day Stockholm Rock Out to September 10th & 11th. We are truly sorry for this but this is out of our control. We cant wait til the day before the show and then find out that some of the bands and visitors cant make it here. Already confirmed for September 10th-11th are Great white, Keel and Pretty Boy Floyd and more will come soon (KIX will come to sweden in October, more info to follow). But a Volcano cant stop a Rock Out so on May 1st we will have a one day Rock Out with Tigertailz, XYZ, CrashDiet, Vains of Jenna, Nasty Idols, Chris Laney, Fatal smile plus more that will be announced soon. (XYZ & Tigertailz ofcourse depends on the flight conditions) For all of you that has bought a ticket, whether its a one day or two day ticket, these are valid for the September show and you are also welcome to the show on May 1st for FREE if you bring your ticket, So three nights instead of two, if you come for the September dates you will also get a Special Limited Tshirt for free at the entrance on September 10th but ofcourse if you cant make it in september you will get a re-fund until April 30th, just contact tickster support and they will assist you www.tickster.com We will also release a new ticket for the show on May 1st, these will on presale cost 260 SEK + service fee and at the door 350 SEK and for May 1st the age limit is changed to 13+. So once again, our appoligies for this situation but please support us and come and Rock Out with us on May 1st and September 10th and 11th.


The Pre Show is still on for the 29th of April But change of venue to Harry B James, and releaseparty and show by Chris Laney.




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