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Nikki Sixx goes bezerko on twitter “Fuck Perez Hilton”

Nikki Sixx go bezerko on twitter "Fuck Perez Hilton"


Sounds like Nikki wants to give Perez a knuckle sandwich!

Nikki Sixx seems to be getitng angry with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. It almost sounds like Sixx wants to beat him up. Which would be the equivelant of beating up a retarded guy or Benji Madden beating up Riki Rachtman last week. But that’s another story.

On his official Nikki Sixx twitter page http://twitter.com/nikkisixx the Motley Crue bassist has been using some harsh words like:"Fuck Perez Hilton"says Sixx. He then blogs the following:"I plan on addressing how much of scumbags the press can be on Mondays show.My girl and Bam are friends…. god forbid they hang out together." This is from rumors that Kat Von D (pictured below, that is not Ronald McDonald) was getting some skater dick by Jackass star Bam Margera.

Perez has already tweeted back to Sixx with: "Nikki Sixx Oh, boo hoo! Stop being all butt-hurt, you big baby! I happily posted her Tweet denying she was sucking his peen a while ago." says Perez


Ronald McDonald or Kat Von D w/ Jackass star Bam Margera

And what does Bam have to say about this on his twitter site?

Go look and see for yourself! http://twitter.com/bammargera

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