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Jetboy “OFFYOURROCKER” E.P. available on iTunes now!

Jetboy "OFFYOURROCKER" E.P. available on iTunes now!




Jetboy will be appearing on Fightin Words Radio on Saturday from 6-8 p.m. EST for a two hour special dedicated exclusively to Jetboy. The entire show will be filled with live interview and music by the band featuring music from the new EP OFFYOURROCKER, as well as classic tunes and unreleased tracks. Fans will have the opportunity to call in and ask questions of Billy Rowe, Fernie Rod and Mickey Finn.

Fans can tune in and listen to the show @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fightinwordsradio


Press Release for "OFFYOURROCKER"

Twenty years after the release of the highly acclaimed "Damnednation", California glam-rock veterans JETBOY have completed work on their most recent project, "Off Your Rocker", due on March 2, 2010 via iTunes and Amazon.com.

Best described as a blend of edgy rock and roll with a traditional, blues-based influence, "Off Your Rocker" is the perfect vehicle to exploit the commanding vocal styling of Mickey Finn.

The three studio tracks on the EP were written in mere days, further exemplifying the fact that the music is so entrenched in passion that the writing was clearly unforced.

Having been absent from the studio for some 20 years, JETBOY recorded "Off Your Rocker" in a fully organic mode. The band played all in the same room together in a "live-style" format in an effort to duplicate the way the songs were written, all together, in a true 1970s fashion where the band members could feed off of one another’s energy.

No longer bound to the constraints of a major label like MCA Recordshas afforded the band the freedom to make music its own way. However, freedom has its price, and that price in the recording industry is the pressure of getting into the studio and back out again as economically as possible.

"Contrary to what people may think, pressure is great for creativity," says Billy Rowe.

"‘Off Your Rocker’ was recorded without all of the luxuries and creature comforts that we had when we were with MCA. So, while there was a lot more pressure and no big spread in the green room, this disc captures the essence of what JETBOY has been about since day one.

"Down and dirty rock and roll that leaves you feeling edgy and excited every time you hear it.

"We wanted to rock you the old-fashioned way where every time you get in your car your first priority is making sure the stereo is turned up to 10, and to hell with the temperature gauge!"

Sludge salutes some true soldiers of the era. Go get this E.P. Jetboy rocks!

Look for Jetboy playing some select festivals and shows in the summer of 2010.

For more info check the bands official online site >HERE<

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