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Jani Lane misses court twice, Warrant issued for his arrest!

Jani Lane misses court twice, Warrant issued for his arrest.


Jani Lane on TMZ.


Well it seems shit is hitting the fan for former Warrant frontman Jani Lane again. This only a week removed from what was reported >HERE< to be a "train wreck" of a live show in Las Vegas.

TMZ is reporting the following >HERE<

The singer responsible for "Cherry Pie" is a wanted man once again — but this time it’s a judge who wants an audience with him instead of a bunch of groupies that reek of Vidal Sassoon hairspray.

TMZ has learned a warrant was ironically issued for former Warrant singer Jani Lanelast week, after he failed to show up to two court appearances connected to his 2009 DUI conviction.

We’re told Lane was scheduled to appear in court on February 23 to show the judge he’s completed his alcohol classes and community service — but he never showed.

The court date was rescheduled for February 24 … but Lane missed that one too.

We spoke to Lane’s lawyer, who says the singer has been in the hospital and won’t be able to make it to court until next week.

As for why he’s in the hospital … no word.

Metal Sludge has had sources close to the Lane camp inform us that Jani Lane is indeed in the Hospital. We also have had multiple sources allege that Jani was also in the hospital last year for alcohol related issues. "Jani will be dead in 6 months if he doesn’t get his life together." commented an insider.

The ironic twist is that a promoter in the midwest has recently informed us that he was pitched a Jani Lane show with Bobbie Brown as event hostess as recent as last week. This seems to be bordering on tragic if it is in fact true that Jani Lane is in anyway being pitched to perform live.

This man needs serious help and a "Cherry Pie" promotional run might just end this guys life.

Fans comments below from the Gossip Board >HERE< are very dissappointed in Lane.

Mooch wrote:

"wish this dude would just get his act together and get back to writing/playing great music."

Tommy2Tone84 wrote:

"I didn’t think the guy could ever sink lower than he did a couple years ago but he keeps proving me wrong. It’s tragic his level of substance abuse. He makes Ace Frehley look responsible."

Mazerati wrote:

"he needs to work the vh-1 circuit. Celeb Rehab with Dr Drew"

justinjc7 wrote:

"He needs to go to rehab and get his shit together. He’s put out some bad ass music but his drinking problems hinder his ability to put on a good live show and he’s got kids too that he needs to get better for."

Monkey Julias Bowaffle wrote:

"Dude ain’t ever gonna get straight. He doesn’t WANT to get sober."

RocknRollJunkie wrote:

"Lane is a train wreck there is no other way to put it. as other say he has to want to quit drinking and he sure the fuck isnt showing it by his actions. being otis the town drunk at a show isnt the way.

He needs to dry out. the question is will he? i am very doubtful. and his 2 kids, what about them? wonder if he ever gives a thought to how this affects them or if he even cares? they are growing up without a father figure because of all this.

Hope he either gets his shit straight or gets the book thrown at him and has to serve time. it may be the only way he gets sobered up."

We have reached out to Jani Lane’s official agent and management. We await a reply as to their clients status.

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