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Jimmy D’Anda on Jani Lane: “I pray that he gets help.”

Jimmy D’Anda on Jani Lane: "I pray that he gets help."


Jimmy D’Anda "Unfortunately Jani had a relapse last night in Vegas."


A few more updates coming in on the Jani Lane debacle in Las Vegas. We originally reported about the Jani Lane band weekend show in Las Vegas >HERE<.  A fan referred to the show as a "trainwreck worth the price of admission".

Another fan named DANCE4U reports on the show below:

Pretty good reviews of exactly what happened. When he first came out he was already so fucked up you could see in his eyes that NO ONE was home. He is such a wasted talent it was very sad. I saw people try to keep the booze away from him as much as they could. He eventually jumped into the crowd, sang a few songs and then started talking/partying with people as if he was a customer in the bar! He completely forget he was supposed to be on stage with the band as the singer. Show over at this point. I give credit to guys Shortino, Dario, and guys I didn’t know to help keep the show going. Funny thing was when they were calling for Ron Keel he stood his distance and shook his head like oh fuck hell NO WAY! The band overall did a great job and the crew songs….live wire and red hot were good. Worth the price of admission. If someone is so alcoholic..there is nothing you can do. I heard the girl he is marrying is very very young..whatever that means but if she’s looking for a meal ticket from Jani Lane she is sadly mistaken.

Jani Lane has an All-Star band of pro players. The band is comprised of former Bulletboys drummer Jimmy D’Anda, Lit bassist Kevin Baldes and Wildside guitarist Brent Wooods.

Jimmy has posted a few comments on his official Facebook page found >HERE<

Jimmy D’Anda blogged today about his trip and it reads as follows:

"Unfortunately Jani had a relapse last night in Vegas,and the show was a roller coaster. I know it’s not easy being clean and sober. I pray that he gets help, and strength for his fiance Kim."

The word from Jani himself while on stage was that he was getting married to his fiance’ Kim while in Veags. If our count is correct, this will be wife #3 for the Cherry Pie Guy!


Finace’ Kim & Jani Lane.

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