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Jani Lane in Las Vegas. A fans says: “Jani was FUBAR from the word go!”

Jani Lane in Las Vegas. A fans says: "Jani was FUBAR from the word go!"


Jani Lane in Las Vegas = Trainwreck worth the price of admission.


Jani Lane has been keeping a low profile in the last several months but made an appearnace and played Vince Neil’s club "Dr. Feelgoods" in Las Vegas this past weekend.

Since this is Metal Sludge we were curious to see how the show went considering Lane has had ongoing issues that have kept him from performing at his highest ability. At least that is our opinion.

So what happened?  We’ll let the fans who saw the show tell you.

We have the following report from TRUTHABOUTCONCERTS:

Well I was there and what can I say other than wow just wow.

Jani was Fubar from the word go. He didn’t even have to sing a verse and you could tell it was going to be a fun fun night.

Before he hit the stage you had the parade of the whos who of who cares in attendance. from paul Shortino to Ron Keel to Mandy Lion.

Jani had Brent Woods from Wildside on guitar allthough it looked as if brent had just drove in from LA as he entered through the front door with his guitar over his shoulder and he told the door person who he was and why he was there.

So Jani takes the stage and proceeds to butcher 8-9 Warrant tunes as well as Toys in the Attic which he opened with.

Jani appologized for sucking and tried it to pawn it off on either having 3"3 broken ribs" or the fact that " he was getting married tonight here in Vegas and was nervous"

Jani spent aot of time in the crowd either trying to sing his songs badly or try toi get others to sing them as well.

After cherry pie Jani starts inviting the other muscians on stage. The only taker was Paul Shortino who after coming on stage and having some feel good moments with Jani he (Shortino) ended up singing some zepplin acapella which he did well as know one had realized the band had left the stage.

So after singing acappella and the band didn’t come back Sortino started telling jokes which he did badly.

All the sudden Janis band comes back and then another unknown singer takes over and sings some ac/dc.

Couple of tunes later it’s vince neils kid onstage singing a couple of motly tunes which seemed pretty good.

Then I see the crew guys mouth the words Janis coming back on. and then he didn’t and then the show was over

Well worth the price of admission to see that trainwreck.

This was also reported by shedkidin one of the Sludge forums.

My friend went to see Jani Lane tonight at Feelgoods in Vegas and just called me with a report.

We are both huge Warrant fans and I was quite jealous that Jani just happened to be playing while my friend was in Vegas this weekend. The two shows that Jani played last year got great reviews and he looked/sounded great on the youtube clips that I saw so I was hopeful that he finally was getting his shit together.

The review I got from my friend was that Jani was a wasted mess. He did his signature throw his mic in the air except he dropped it, he fell down, sang several songs from the audience. He was missing words and singing the wrong parts. He said it was awful and this is coming from a huge Jani fan. You would think that he would of gotten it together since the last time he played in Vegas was a complete disaster (one of the last show with the original Warrant lineup).

My friend said that there were tons of people filming so I’m sure there will be some interesting videos posted tomorrow. Someone call Dr Drew and get Jani on Celebrity Rehab next season.

What more can be said? The fans are correct. Too bad Jani Lane can’t make a quality choice and get the help he needs. Let’s face it folks – Jani Lane is the David Hasselhoff of hair bands.

If anyone remembers it was in Las Vegas in the summer of 2008 when a full blown Warrant reunion with all original members started to fall apart due to Jani Lane’s lackluster perfomances. For a grim reminder check out the YouTube clips >HERE< & >HERE<. It gets worse >HERE< and even worse >HERE<.

To read more about what the fans are saying log into the Sludge forums >HERE<

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