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A close member of our Sludge family has left us! RIP – IPWEI

A close member of our Sludge family has left us – RIP – IPWEI



UPDATED: Sunday January 31st

The Rabies wrote:
Hey Everyone

The Funeral for Will, Iggypopwilleatitself, Edie Decay.

Will be tentatively Saturday February 6th at Babbitt & Easton Funeral Home

7 N. Main St, Franklinville, NY 14737  – (716) 676-3242

Directions http://local.yahoo.com/info-11786083-easton-cleon-babbitt-easton-funeral-home-franklinville

Also for Sympathy Cards and Any Monetary donations please send to Wills family:

Willie Hall

C/o Mary Hall

4839 5 Mile Rd.

Hinsdale, NY 14743

I will try to keep this updated as frequently as possible with final date, time, and other info about the service that might prove useful.

I do know that there will be a microphone and the family has asked anyone to share a few words on how Will/Iggy/Edie has touched your life at the service

Also if you have any pictures of Will/Iggypopwilleatitself/Edie Decay please e-mail them to us

at therabiesny@yahoo.com we ask that you make them as hi res. as you can make them to send through e-mail

Thank you all again for your support and condolences

and We hope to see and have a chance to meet all of you

- Jimmy


Many of you may not have known IGGYPOPWILLEATITSELF (aka Will Hall pka Edie Decay of The Rabies) but to anyone who has ever been on the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Boards – you could not have missed him.

As I have toured over the recent decade plus I have met many Sludgeaholics. It’s usually similarly to the way I met IGGY. I was in Buffalo in 2006 at a club and this smaller, dark and mysterious looking (punk) character walks up and says: "Stevie? I am IGGYPOPWILLEATSELF!" I smiled and shook his hand.

We hung out and chatted over the evening. Talking about everything from DEVO to glam rock to why the Buffalo Bills sucked so bad. Over the next few years we exchanged the occasional email or two and even had some lengthy phone conversations. But most of our communication was through the Metal Sludge site. In over a dozen years of looking at the opinions and thoughts of literally tens of thousands of posters (fans, critics, musicians) – I would have to say that IGGY was easily in the TOP 5 of all time. He had a endless knowledge of the music industry, and proved it time after time. He was very serious about music and you’d be hard pressed to find ANYONE with more knowledge.

I have shed a tear just now for him as I hear this news.

So young. This Sucks. Stevie Rachelle

Some Sludgeaholics are exchanging their stories now >HERE< & >HERE<

This below from his bands myspace page found >HERE<

RIP Will Hall (aka Edie Decay) 1972-2010

Today at 12:33

It is with the heaviest of hearts, we are saddened to announce that Will Hall (aka Edie Decay; guitarist of The Rabies) passed away this week. He joined the band in the Spring of 2009, and though his time playing with us may have been short lived, he offered nothing less than the greatest of enthusiasm, hard work, and most of all, immeasurable talent. He will be greatly missed and will always be remembered not only as a gifted musician, but also as an extraordinary friend. We ask that if you have any photos or videos of Edie performing with The Rabies, please post them here. Will lived for music; it was his greatest passion in life and his memory will forever live on in the music he created. RIP Edie Decay 2010

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