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Bobby Blotzer releases statement regarding arrest.

Bobby Blotzer releases statement regarding arrest.


"I was arrested,  not charged for this misunderstanding…" Bobby Blotzer

Metal Sludge has received the following from Bobby Blotzer regarding his recent arrest.

The stories of a relationship problem I had in December 2009 are significantly overstated.

To my friends and fans, you know how gossip over public figures can get blown out of proportion.  What is being disseminated is not within my character and an insult. I was arrested,  not charged for this misunderstanding we had last month.  Public record shows that the "suspected felony" charge was dismissed / Rejected  by District Attorney’s office.

I consider this the end of a unfortunate personal family issue that has seeped its way on to the computer screens around the globe.

Bobby Blotzer

To read the original story view this link >HERE<

We’re happy to hear this was just a misunderstanding. Fans on the World Famous Gossip Boards are likely to vindicate you as well Bob. But not before they rip into you Saturday Nite Live style. Please know that Metal Sludge does not think anything about domestic violence is funny in the least. But if this never happened, then all the better. In the meantime Sludgeaholics are having a field day with their version of parody on the gossip boards >HERE<

Bourbon Cowboy posts a comment:

Dangerous But Worth The Risk?

ZZ666 posts a comment:

Wanted Man

Garbageman posts a comment:

Have they changed their mew album title from "Infestation" to "Incarceration?"

SatanHimself posts a parody photoshop:2ch5nmb22222k.jpg

lerxstcat posts a commment:

You Think You’re Tough…. bitch!

toddzilla posts a comment:

Caught at the scene of the crime…

Beddie Wedder posts a parody photoshop:mmmmm.jpg

Garbageman posts a comment:

BTW Blotz, your arrest record doesn’t mean you are no longer welcome at Dokken day!

Belladonna posts a comment:

Wonder if this will make it in his autobiography soon to be released???

YuT343 posts a comment:

Shame, Shame, Shame.

SatanHimself posts a parody photoshop:

Please know that these have been photo shopped, and have been designed and circulated by random people on the internet. These do not reflect an opinion from Metal Sludge or it’s staff.

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