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VAINS of JENNA releases new single/video “Mind Pollution”

VAINS of JENNA releases new single/video "Mind Pollution"


Director Noah Shulman (bottom left), Vains of Jenna & crew on the

video set for "Mind Pollution" in New York City.


For Immediate Release:



VAINS of JENNA releases new single/video for “Mind Pollution” from their latest full length disc “The Art of Telling Lies” (RLS/Raw Noise Records).


Touring the world over is a crazy ride, and there’s always something insane going down. Some good, some bad, some unmentionable! You come to a place when your logic says one thing but your will does another. At times, losing touch with reality. You pollute your mind, and eventually you just want to find a hole to hide in and escape from it all. That’s what Mind Pollution is about!” Lizzy DeVine lead singer VAINS of JENNA


The Swedish rock n’ roll band has been stateside for a while and now calls the slums of East Hollywood it’s home.  The short history of this band has the fairy tale & horror story clips that you’d expect. They played the Sunset Strip and got signed by BAM MARGERA (JACKASS, VIVA LA’ BAM) in 5 weeks time. Less than a year later they landed a North American mega tour with POISON & RATT. Toss in the appearances on MTV, LA INK and features in a hundred plus magazines (SPIN, HUSTLER, REVOLVER & CHOPPER) found on the very 7/11 shelves they bought cigarettes at while on tour. Tours to date totaling well over 80,000 miles in a beat up Dodge van. That same van almost flipped in Phoenix when a runaway truck rim totaled the undercarriage and put them in a rental to get to the next gig. They also faced having their gear tossed into the Motel 6 parking lot after they beat up the CRADLE OF FILTH tour manager in a drunken stupor. Thankfully GWAR intervened and saved the day. Add in many beer fueled days, turned to nights while on tour with WEDNESDAY 13 or FIREBALL MINISTRY in  >insert town name here<  and you have 5 years on the road with VAINS of JENNA.


The band has an average age of 25, but they have years beyond that in experience after finishing their 8th US tour last fall. With roughly 500 live gigs under their leather belts they are ready to add more.


VAINS of JENNA will support former HANOI ROCKS singer MICHAEL MONROE on some West Coast dates in March but soon after the band will be back in their homeland. “We’re excited to go home and play for our fans, it’s been almost a year now since we played SWEDEN ROCK.” says drummer Jacki Stone.  


The band will be in Europe for April-May 2010. Tentative dates are being sorted in Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Norway, The UK and Sweden. Then back in the US for a summer tour to follow.“The Art of Telling Lies” was produced by BRENT WOODS and recorded at STEAK HOUSE STUDIOS (Pink, Ron Wood, AFI, Weezer) in North Hollywood, California.


The song on the disc contains language not appropriate for the air waves but the radio/clean edit found below is sure to make your listeners take notice.

“Mind Pollution” by VAINS of JENNA is here > http://www.fileswap.com/share/2f69dbac2da816918e43f53ab94c11a3/MINDPOLLUTIONradioedit.wav.html


Watch the video for “Mind Pollution” directed by Noah Shulman (Less Than Jake, Dan Reed) here > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxO61YpxNnI


For more information please visit http://www.myspace.com/vainsofjenna

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