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Midwest Rockfest announced – Rock Gone Wild link?

Midwest Rockfest – Rock Gone Wild link?


Twisted Sister scheduled to perform at Midwest Rockfest.


Here is something interesting.

A new rock event MIDWEST ROCKFEST has launched a brand new website >HERE<

The site is already selling tickets @ $ 65.00 each. Or you can get a VIP ticket for $ 175.00 or a VIP Platinum ticket for $ 225.00 for the 2 stage event held on July 23rd & 24th 2010.

So far so good right?

Well, oddly enough on their website they have TICKETS for sale but only a few bands listed.

Also, if you click on SPONSORS there are zero. If you click CAMPING, it’s blank. MAPS, is blank. The SCHEDULE link has nothing listed and if you click PHOTOS it’s just and empty space but says: "Stay tuned for our brand new photo gallery of the 2009 Midwest Rockfest Concert Series!"

After some research it appears that some of the same people involved are those who were directly involved with the ROCK GONE WILD festival scheduled for August 2009 in Iowa. Many of you know that RGW cancelled and there was, and still is some controversary surrounding that event.

Read the story posted last August 5th 2009 >HERE< about ROCK GONE WILD going under.

After we broke the story Metal Sludge was flooded with fans asking about refunds. In addition bands scheduled to play came forward. Some who paid thousands of dollars to appear at RGW. SEX DEPT from ITALY paid $7,500.00 to perform. STALLION FOUR from SWEDEN paid $4,000.00 to appear. See the post about this >HERE<

To date these bands have not been refunded any of their ‘pay to play’ money.

Within a few days of Metal Sludge breaking this story the RGW event was cancelled and they hired a lawyer when fans demanded refunds on tickets. See their release >HERE<

For an even more indepth report on RGW, check out Bring Back Glam >HERE<

Other message boards have been heating up with discussion and concern.

This was recently posted online by Tommy Shelton – Producer of the Midwest Rockfest.

Hope this helps..I am Tommy Shelton the Producer and Promoter of the Midwest Rockfest. I am the President of DEA Entertainment Group. Which brings you the MWRF. This is the second year of this festival. It is not ran by Donnie Frizzell. Donnie Frizzell is a National Buyer that works for me. As for Natile she is the Designer of the webpage yes..and works for me too. Hope this helps in your trafficing of this blog. I do not usually respond to these things but was contacted to do so. Thanks for checking out the MWRF..

Best Regards

Tommy Shelton

Operation Manger

Some music fans on the Metal Sludge Gossip Boards have started a thread talking about this Festival >HERE< as well. The fans seem genuinely interested yet concerned about the connection with ROCK GONE WILD staff being involved.

We at Metal Sludge send our best and hope the event can be a success.

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