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Ozzy’s Blasko on Eddie Trunk “That dude can go get fucked!”

Ozzy bassist Blasko blasts Eddie Trunk "That dude can go get fucked!"


Blasko & Eddie Trunk. Who do you think would win in a fight?


Ozzy bassist Blasko recently took a few swats at Eddie Trunk, read below.

Just about everyone has a Twitter these days, and for some like Ozzy Osbournebassist and Affliction Clothing endorser Rob ‘Blasko’ Nicholson, it’s a way of exercising opinions which runs the risk of hitting some nerves.

In what’s been dubbed a "heavy metal cat-fight" earlier this week, Blasko took a pot shot at New York City-based Sirius XM/Q104.3 DJ and ‘That Metal Show’ host Eddie Trunk, exclaiming via Twitter, "Was just listening to Eddie Trunk Live on Sirius XM … That dude can go get f—ed! Since when is that douche bag the ambassador of metal?"

Trunk, who can be heard on the Boneyard channel on Sirius XM, nonchalantly responded by saying, "Heard that Blasko said some stuff about me on Twitter while listening to my [Saturday] show. Don’t know the guy, no idea what his problem is!"

Given the uproar Blasko’s statements have caused, he again writes from Twitter, "In honor of the resounding support I received from my tweeps from my last post, I am putting "Eddie Trunk Sucks" t-shirts into production!"Neither party has responded since, but some sites are taking wagers as to who would win in a brawl should the two meet face to face.

Sludge will put money on Blasko, Doe Boy Trunk don’t look like the fighting type.This was found on Noise Creep >HERE<

Speaking of Eddie Trunk and being a tool.

We found this on Eddie Trunks website. It’s his "Trunk it or Junk it" section. This must be for desperate stupid metal bands who want to pay Eddie Trunk money and he’ll review their CD. This is laughable.

Any band who pays for this should be bitch slapped in the face, this is pure horseshit.

Eddie Trunk’s Freelance A&R service

Have a band with a demo and just can’t get anybody with real music business experience to give you honest feedback and a constructive critique? Eddie Trunk’s Freelance A&R Service is for you!

Eddie has been an active part of the music industry since 1983. His credentials include being Vice President of Megaforce/Atlantic records where he worked with and contributed to signing artists like Ace Frehley, Testament, Kings X, Overkill and more. He has also worked in artist management, as well as music press and retail. Eddie has executive producer credits on albums by Ace Frehley and Icon, as well as various A&R credits. He has also been in rock radio for more than 20 years. Currently Eddie hosts a syndicated rock show on FM radio flagshipped in New York City, as well as a radio show on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio heard nationwide. Eddie is also currently seen daily as a host for VH1 Classic and host and co-producer of That Metal Show. He talks to the biggest names in music on radio and TV daily!

Now YOU can have a music industry pro give you the guidance your band needs! Here’s the deal:

CD submissions:

Send your CD, plus a brief bio and photo to Eddie Trunk Freelance A&R. All submissions MUST be on CD only. No more than 5 songs total will be reviewed per submission!

What you will get:

A song by song personal review of each track from Eddie Trunk. Eddie will give his critique on songwriting, performance, production and more. In addition to a song by song review, Eddie will also give an overall review on band image and the overall demo package presentation. You will get his report on how close your entire package is and his personal insights.


If you are not looking for the truth and just want your ego pumped, don’t waste your time or money!! Also understand Eddie’s position on A&R in general; it is NOT an exact science!! NOBODY knows for sure what will and will not sell or be successful, it is only an educated opinion from one person with real experience in the music business.

Also any and all submissions will NOT be considered for airplay in anyway! Submissions can not be returned.

If you agree with the above and would like to send in your bands material, send your demo (5 songs maximum!) and supporting materials with a money order made payable to Eddie Trunk for $129.99 to:

Eddie Trunk’s Freelance A&R

PO Box 41

Cedar Knolls NJ 07927

BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS with the package and payment. You will get your emailed review in 2-4 weeks after package arrives. If you would like to submit a video as well, add $20.00 for a total payment of $149.99. Videos must be DVD or VHS only and a maximum of 2 songs. Reviews will only be sent via email, there is no other contact via phone, or any follow up reviews or consultation without a full resubmission and payment of applicable fee.

Thanks and best of luck to you and your band!

To check out the link where you can pay Eddie Trunk $ 129.99 for his A&R skills go >HERE<

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