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Motley Crue to issue “Greatest Hits” thru BEST BUY and it includes a “Crue Fest 2″ Documentary DVD.

Motley Crue to issue "Greatest Hits" thru BEST BUY.


Crue to issue yet another "Hits" Cd thru BEST BUY


MÖTLEY CRÜE: BEST BUY Version Of ‘Greatest Hits’ To Include ‘Crüe Fest 2′ Documentary DVD – Oct. 20, 2009

MÖTLEY CRÜE will release another "greatest-hits" collection, suitably titled "Greatest Hits", on November 17 via Eleven Seven Music/Mötley Records.

Best Buy will feature an exclusive CD/DVD package of the new collection with a 20-minute behind-the-scenes documentary filmed at "Crüe Fest 2", the sophomore outing of the band’s summer festival tour.

The track listing for the package is as follows:

01. Too Fast for Love

02. Shout at the Devil

03. Looks that Kill

04. Too Young to Fall in Love

05. Smokin’ in the Boys Room

06. Home Sweet Home

07. Wild Side

08. Girls, Girls, Girls

09. Dr. Feelgood

10. Kickstart My Heart

11. Same ‘Ol Situation

12. Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

13. Without You

14. Primal Scream

15. Sick Love Song

16. Afraid

17. If I Die Tomorrow

18. Saints of Los Angeles

19. The Animal In Me (Remix)

The "The Animal In Me" remix is now available for streaming on the band’s MySpace page.

CRÜE performed its classic 1989 album, "Dr. Feelgood", in its entirety on Crüe Fest 2 to celebrate the record’s 20th anniversary.

Eleven Seven Music/Mötley Records re-released "Dr. Feelgood" on September 21.

Originally issued on September 1, 1989, "Dr. Feelgood" reached #1 on the Billboard chart and went on to sell more than seven million copies worldwide. The title track reached No. 7 on the Hot 100 and earned the band their first two Grammy nominations (Best Hard Rock Performance: "Dr Feelgood" in 1989 and "Kickstart My Heart" in 1990). Twenty years later, the band was nominated for another Grammy Award and is celebrating its hit album "Saints of Los Angeles" on an arena tour of the U.S.

"Dr. Feelgood" was released as a deluxe version incorporating two CDs. The original version of "Dr. Feelgood" on one CD, and on the other a smorgasbord of delights! — four original demos from the "Dr. Feelgood" sessions, four tracks recorded live when the band played in Russia, plus a remix of "Get It For Free".

This info courtesy of Blabbermouth.

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