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Steven Adler “I love you all, God bless, and thank you!”

Steven Adler "I love you all, God bless, and thank you!"


Steven says thanks to the fans.


A thank you letter from Mr. Steven Adler has recently posted on his myspace.


"Thank you for another great tour!" by STEVEN!

Oh, man, this tour was great. Thank you so much to everybody that came out to see us, to everybody that hung around and had all those nice things to say… Man, we played places…we played a cornfield! Iowa! They flattened a cornfield out and put in a mini-carnival. They had a semi-trailer-truck and put a PA in it, and we played the show in a fucking cornfield! It was called “Cornstock”! So many great shows, great people…

The other night in Illinois, it was so awesome playing with Warrant! I was standing right behind Steven Sweet on the drums. You know I love Jani Lane, he wrote the songs, they’re amazing… I don’t care what he thinks about ‘Cherry Pie’, it’s a fucking hit and he should be happy… but their new singer Robert Mason, he was great! I was talking to him and said “I would love to do some work with you”. And seeing Lita Ford, it was so wonderful hugging her and she was so nice to me, everybody remembers everything, it was great. I didn’t get to see Bret Michaels in Minnesota but I saw Big John, he’s the security, the main guy on that show, ‘Rock of Love’. I’ve known him for decades. It was wonderful seeing him, too.

Morale within the band is fabulous! Ricky did a great job! We lost him in Chicago, he went out with some chick and never came back to the bus so he had to catch another flight to make it home. He’s havin’ a great time and it was a great time. I love and thank each one of the guys; Alex, Michael, Chippy, they were all at the top of their game, totally professional. The people loved them, of course!

The audiences were fabulous! We put on such a big show, it’s an Arena show we put out! You go see bands at clubs and bars, you don’t usually see people chanting, singing along with every word with their hands and arms up in the air. Even if it’s just a hundred people, it looks like so much more with all the hands in the air ‘cause they all are so into it! I swear (the audience ages) were anywhere from six to sixty! I felt like a politician, I was taking pictures with babies! And girls, throughout the decades, you got better looking! I couldn’t believe it, but all I can say is so many people really loved our show and said it was better than when they saw what Axl was doin’. It’s crazy, but that’s the main thing I heard! So we’re workin’ on getting more goin’, there’s a few shows comin’ up that’s listed on here, and hey, I love you all, God bless, and thank you!

Courtesy of Steven’s MySpace >HERE<

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