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Jani Lane hits the road w/ Lit & WildSide members.

Jani Lane hits the road w/ Lit & WildSide members.


John Oswald is Jani Lane.


What do Jani Lane former Warrant frontman, Kevin Baldes bassist from Lit & Brent Woods one time Guitarist of WildSide have in common?

They’re all gay? No, but you’re close.

Jani is or was clearly a heavy beer drinker and most gay guys don’t drink that much beer and usually have better physical attributes. Kevin is very handsome, has gel in his hair, and appears to have some qualities that would scream WeHo. But from what we know he is not gay.

However, Brent Woods was in WildSide. And that’s gay. We have the proof below.


WildSide = Nickelback 1988 minus the sales.

Brent is the guy in the lower left and even though he looks less gay than door number 1, 2 and 3 in the middle, he is guilty by association. Woods has no cool tatts like Joey Allen, and Erik Turner can paint circles around this guy.

Wonder why Jani picked him? Maybe he can play his instrument. Guess we’ll see.

So there you have it. Now to buy WildSide music from a mostly gay website go >HERE<

Let’s move onto Jerry Dixon’s replacement.


Kevin is the guy attempting to kick his singer in the nuts.

Lucky for AJ he has Ninja skills and avoids the weak assault from his bassist.

As for the drummer, the only info we got is he’s got mad skills, has toured with Jizzy Pearl and Love/Hate and goes by the name Chili.

Look for Jani Lane and the "Maybe Gay All Stars" near you.

Jani Lane MySpace is >HERE<

And a website for him is >HERE<

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