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Donnie Vie: “I see all kinds of ignorant shit posted around on various shit webzines”

Donnie Vie: "I see all kinds of ignorant shit posted around on various shit webzines"



A few choice pics of Donnie from his myspace.

Donnie Vie is rambling again.

In his latest postings on his MySpace he talks about shit webzines, his foxxy little manager, falling off the wagon and of course the retarded.

We’re not sure if he was talking about himself being retarded or someone else, but either way – Donnie is always worth the read. Ifyoucangetthroughitwithoutspacesandstuff.

my foxxy little manager

I see all kinds of ignorant shit posted around on various shit webzines,about myself and lately my girlfriend.(well shes sees more of it,cause I dont bother with that shit or give a rats ass what some bozo has to say say.I consider the sources ,plus Im so used to it.My grandpa and other wise men have told me "they only talk about ya if your worth talkin about". and usually they are just jealous and wish someone would talk about them.) They say rude and inappropriate shit about her and to her.I understand that that goes with the territory when you are a known personality,and your girl is so absolutely gorgeous like my little Lisa is.well first of all you dont get a girl like her with that kind of mentality and or lack of talent or any other redeeming quality.unless you call writing and screeching through some worthless 80s hair,gang chorus tunes,and or creating some shit talking based webzine where all kinds of retards can take time out of their non eventful lives to say mean things,and express negative opinions based on hearsay and gossip as if they could do anything worth anyone giving a shit about,or for example my girl would read one of those retarded inappropriate propositions and say,"yeah,Im gonna leave my soulmate who loves me and treats me great,and who also happens to be my absolute favorite singer songwriter ever,for this asshole needledick poser that has no redeeming quality or anything special or attractive,that propositions me like some whore that hes used to knowing,or even dosnt even know any of them as well". You gotta wonder,what kind of mentality are we dealing with here. Well any case,Id just thought Id take the time to say something good about someone that deserves it.Not only is my chick one of the cutest girls in the world,not only has she graduated college the top of her class,and comes from a quality high society family of doctors,lawyers and politicians,not only does she have the best personality and sense of humor.She is so good to me,takes great care of me,(MMMMMMMMM)and always has my back.In fact she has recently taken on the challenge of finding (and showing me how to find) lots of unpaid back royalties.and having the business answer for ignoring me and my band.Its just the tip of the iceberg.and I have to say,most of my associates havent treated her with much respect and just think of her as a bitch or a meddler because she watches out for me,where everyone is so used to just taking advantage of my trust,lack of business sense,and or unhealthy habits and state of mind.anyways,this past year has been my most sober and happy days of my entire life,( with the exeption of falling off the wagon a bit on the last ezn run,that most are aware of thanks to my band that chose to egsagerate,and make publicly known)With this girl,Ive got a chance. anyways.I just got some money,,,,,Im tickled pink to get it,and I thought I would thank the person responsible for helping me.And I dont care if I sound lame or mushy.People talk a lot of shit ,but I just want to say,shes the best girl a guy could have,shes my best friend,and I love her madly. Thankyou baby, you saved my life!

The second post is below.

yes I know I ramble

before anyone can say "oh another one of donnies retarded ramblings,all mispelled,(ha misspelled)and composed like a retard(no offense to the retarded) I know all that,,,,and I dont care…….Oh yeah,LA Smogg is back in action,and we are gonna finish a record and start playing when Enuff Znuff gets back from Japan. So check out the LA Smogg page on myspace

For more retarded ramblings from Donnie Vie go >HERE< but we must warn you in advance, try not to make any sense of what is being written.

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