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Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D! Have they split up or not?

Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D – have they split up?


Nikki Sixx & Kat Von D in happier times.

Update Friday May 29th.

We did a post yesterday about this, and today it appears that Kat is back ‘In a relationship" on her MySpace page. And Nikki Sixx is now one of her top freinds again. This was not the case just yesterday.

Stay tuned for more Shout at the Drama!

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It appears as if though Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx may have hit a bump in the road.

The two love birds have been playing games on MySpace for the last year sending "I Love You" notes on their profile to each other. But things seem to have faded.

Is this ironic that we did a story on Lady Gaga digging on Nikki just 5 days ago >HERE<

Kat’s current MySpace page found >HERE< claims she’s single, and Sixx is no longer her top friend. In addition, all of his and her pictures have been removed. However, over at Sixx’s MySpace >HERE< he still lists her as his #1 friend, and all of their pics are still in tact.

A few of Nikki’s friends have left comments like these below.

sorry about you and kat.

written by: Kelly

I can’t believe you and Kat broke up. :(

You were the best couple, ever.

written by: A-Monster (GQ)

im sorry about you n kat..:/ keep your head up n keep rockin

written by: Viva La Kimi (In Wonderland)

The Sludge Gossip Boards on the other hand, are not as nice.

that Allman Brothers lookin dude is probably pissing his pants laughing right now.

Posted by: ROADHEAD

Nikki has to be with someone at all times due to his daddy issues so I would imagine a replacement will be found within the week.

Posted by: IceMan

Sixx will never do better than Donna D’Errico.

He’s an idiot for fucking that one up.

Posted by: Hank Hill

I’m just glad these two morons didn’t reproduce while they were together.

Posted by: SoulsOfBlack

I think this will lead to Kat Von D being a cast member on "Celebrity Rehab."

Posted by: Garbageman

I’m guessing Nikki hasn’t heard the news yet…based on his myspace.

Posted by: stella d ella

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