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Donnie Vie updates from Myspace. A movie role?

Donnie Vie updates from Myspace. A movie role?


Is Donnie Vie the next Deniro?


We recently ran across an update from former Enuff Z’nuff frontman and song writing machine Donnie Vie. Word is that he’s gonna be a big movie star.

well well i must say,,that i did a pretty good job in the movie…they are coming back in 3 weeks and we are shooting more…I play the hip cool new singer in a band that had hits a long time ago and the original singer quit,,but later comes back(i guess i sorta play john monaco)(only im cool and good looking).so my scenes are ,,i give the guy a speech about why he needs to get back with the group and that the fans want it and bla bla bla,,wich is perfect as to my situation so i wAs inspired and murdered the part…though i had had a few…then my next scene,,i come over to the guitar players house and sing a song ala studio(I found you)thats where that song came from…and then tell him what he needs to hear…so i play a big mouth and my footage is hillarious..well im done for now and im web recording a performance today ,,,just on a web cam..its practicall and easy…so i hope you download it and i hope you enjoy it,more than i did making it…………………..DonnieVie. com

For more info on Donnie, check his MySpace >HERE< and website >HERE<

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