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‘A big night for this Ratt pack’ of fans in Boston.

‘A big night for this Ratt pack’ of fans in Boston.


From left: Ratt fans Amy Elfman, Cathy Alberts, and Carol Hanson in the crowd

at the Commonwealth Restaurant in Quincy Massachusettes.

(Photo By Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff)


We found this to be entertaining and depressing all at the same time.

Entertaining because of what the Sludgeaholics are saying >HERE< and depressing that a fan made rediculous comments like: "Hopefully tonight he’ll remember me." referring to Stephan Pearcy singing to her from the stage, years ago at a Ratt show. And then she says: "I’m not drinking because I want to remember this night." As if it’s her wedding.

We’ll let the article speak for itself.

Amy Elfman took a deep breath and smiled nervously. Wearing a denim skirt, tight leopard-print top, and plenty of eyeliner, Elfman was rehearsing what she might say to Stephen Pearcy.

"I’ve loved Stephen for god knows how long," Elfman said, seated with two girlfriends in a booth at the Commonwealth Restaurant in Quincy Thursday. "I’m not drinking because I want to remember this night."

Pearcy, of course, is the lead singer of Ratt, the ’80s metal band that sold more than 20 million albums in its heyday. Though out of fashion for much of the past two decades, Ratt is enjoying a minor revival these days thanks to the movie "The Wrestler," which features the band’s long-ago hit, "Round and Round," in a pivotal bar scene between the washed-up professional wrestler played by Mickey Rourke and the aging stripper played by Marisa Tomei.

At 52, Pearcy is the rock ‘n’ roll equivalent of Rourke’s character. He’s still got the swagger – clad in black, he was chain-smoking and swilling Jack Daniels – but a big star he is not. Pearcy, whose howl once played to packed arenas, drew less than 50 people in Quincy. Before the show, he and the band had to huddle in a cramped, brightly lit office above the restaurant.


Vince Neil & Stephen Pearcy back in the day!

"It doesn’t get more real than this," said Pearcy.

As he waits for Ratt to begin work on a new record – their first since 1999 – Pearcy is on the road with a crew of musicians borrowed from other bands, including W.A.S.P. and Papa Roach.

"This isn’t Ratt," Pearcy said with a gleeful sneer. "We don’t have a set list because we don’t [expletive] care."

The singer said he’s grateful to director Darren Aronofsky for including "Round and Round" in "The Wrestler," but also revealed he hasn’t seen the movie.

"You haven’t watched it yet?" said guitarist Mike Duda. "I gave you a copy of it."

"I know," said Pearcy, pouring himself another drink. "But it’s cool. I got paid."

Downstairs, Elfman, Cathy Alberts, and Carol Hanson could hardly wait for their headbanging heroes. All three had paid $40 for a VIP ticket that included access to the sound check and a pre-gig meet-and-greet with Pearcy and the band. (The women weren’t bothered when Pearcy didn’t show up for either.)

"I saw Stephen at Meadowbrook Farm two years ago, and as I passed the stage to go to the bathroom, Stephen saw me and sang to me," said Elfman. "Hopefully, tonight, he’ll remember me."

The friends, who were planning to see Pearcy again in Chicopee last night, conceded that while they might look and sound like groupies, they’re not.

"That usually entails sleeping with the band," said Alberts, laughing. "OK, if Stephen wants me, I’m not going to say no, but, really, it’s not why I’m here."

The World Famous Sludge Gossip Boards are tearing this apart with these comments:

Huey Ramone wrote:

Amy Elfman’s friend appears to have exceedingly large mammary glands.

FooFighterFlis wrote:

You couldn’t make this stuff up. Ratt used to play to arenas, now Stephen’s playing to 50 people and he won’t show up for a meet and greet. Good lord. I can’t believe Leatherface is walkin’ around the earth not showing up for pre-paid and pre-planned meet and greets while a nice man (by all accounts) like Robbin Crosby is gone. Lame.

MCSmallDink wrote:

There’s so much pathetic in this I don’t know where to begin.

Serial Mom wrote:

So people paid for a meet and greet and didn’t care that Pearcy didn’t show up?

What a fucking bitch (Stephen) for blowing off those fans. They may have said they weren’t mad, but they certainly didn’t pay to meet a bunch of scabs.

Pulling no shows like this is an asshole move.

chungasrevenge wrote:

Commonwealth Restaurant in Quincy? Wow. That could be the saddest hair metal booking of all time.

motleybelle wrote:

Pearcy acted like that on the Motley Cruise …couldn’t be bothered to hang with the fans

Garbageman wrote:

I hate to interrupt with a semi-practical question but…

Where the hell is Quincy?

Editor: Near Boston.

Moon wrote:

yeah, he is a fuckin tool…..i will still go see RATT if they are near me, which they are next month.. Pearcy and Blotz could learn a thing or two on how to treat fans from Warren and Robbie…them 2 are class acts! IMO!

SoulsOfBlack wrote:

Blotzer is usually ok if you bring him some cheesecake.

To join in the fun, check it out >HERE< in our forums.

Here’s for shooting for the stars honey. Hope the dinner was as good as the set.

Article courtesy of Boston.com found >HERE<

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