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10 Questions w/ Fifi Larue, the Gothic Killer Clown.

10 Questions w/ Fifi Larue, the Gothic Killer Clown.


Gene Simmons? King Diamond? Violent J? Nope it’s Fifi Larue the Gothic Killer Clown.

Well people, this guy has been the butt end of many a jokes, and he’s caught plenty of shit. And donuts to the head at his live shows. But somehow, he keeps finding ways to put his crazy ass on TV, the radio and into B movies. God help us – no school yards yet. 

At times this guy makes King Diamond and Gene Simmons seem like The Nelsons. Keep your doors closed, lock the windows, and hold onto your kids when shopping the .99 cent store coz he might be lurking in the next aisle. Let the madness begin, here is Fifi Larue.

1.Tell us about Fifi Larue The Gothic Killer Clown. Some of you guys may have been in past projects, what have you done that the fans need to know about?


I just got through shooting for a up-incoming Film "Yes, Now I’m going to be a MOVIE STAR!" in a movie called "La La Land" The Movie… all about the New Hollywood Scene about up-incoming Movie Stars,Actors, Comedians and yes,  me The Gothic Killer Clown "ROCKSTAR!"

I also, just did a PSA for "Rock Against the Homelessness" which I thought was a great cause…  I will be on the same PSA as Daisy from Vh1’s Rock of Love… funny how I’m finding myself with some of these girls who have been on that show? I also, did a Elvira commercial with Constandina! she is a very hot looking woman upclose… me and Andy Monic became good friends with her at the Elvira commercial shoot we did two years ago… I almost got her to do that Sammy Hagar Video I guest on  called "LOUD" but, she was still in Tennessee…


2. You somehow found your way onto national TV. How did this all come about and what was good or bad about it?


Hahaha…Great idea and Look for me on America’s Got Talent this coming month too… anyways!  I got over hundered Thousand hits on my web-site from that show and I was seen all over the United States and all over other countries from that show too alone… and we had the balls to go do it without Marcus our guitarist! who just started a new job and was on a probation period! so, he wasn’t going to lose his job over a reality show… plus, I would have done that show with just a "Boom Box" if I had too… everyone knows who Fifi Larue is Now! for all the Fifi hater’s  on this board who put me down!  all you guys and girls can go tour in your Vans , Car and Bicycles!!! all you want too… and play the little dive bars all you want too… but, I’m still going to be more welknown that any of you and all of you put together…


3. The band is based in OC, but has ties to Hollywood, What is the difference – good or bad about either?

I thought Long Beach was in Los Angeles County???   Hollywood is the Best Town in the Biz’ and that’s where all the Freaks like me like to hang out! and that’s where you need to be to make the best spectacle of yourself! like "I DO!" Orange County is the most boring place on the PLANET!!! people there  go to Clubs and Shows and sit at dinning fucking tables all fucking nite! they only move to go to the Restrooms! and then they come back to sit down at their tables! I think?  the people who live in Japan, move more then then the people who live in the O.C. atleast the Japanese stand-up and hold their hands up high and Rockout!

Editor: Long Beach? For real yo? We didn’t know, are you bro’s with Snoop Dogg too?


4. What hard rock band should be dropped from their label so FFL can take their place?





Melrose Larry Green looks like the toughest one of the bunch!

5. How has the following hurt or helped FFL?

Drugs =
I only drink like a fish and that usually helps me swim under water and the only drugs I have ever done is? Grass, the same kind you get when you use a Lawn Mover to cut it! and I have never done Coke, unless it was a drink of some kind? Nor Speed, unless I was driving my Corvette in a Race…and Crack, only the ones I fill when I Paint Houses…

Guitar Center =I Love Toys R Us! and they Love me too…

Porno = No CLOWN PORN Yet! but, when it comes out! it will be bigger and better than the Tommy Lee and Pam one,  better than the Bret Michaels and Pam one, and  especially way way better than the Gene Simmon one… it will be the greatest one to come out! I would love to do it in a ICE CREAM Truck with a  few Girl’s in Clown Make-up! maybe even a Girl Midget? how about the Girl who plays Paul Stanley in Mini KISS??? This Video, would make me Millions!!!

Burger King = Haven’t you heard I Eat at Mac Donalds???

The Internet  =I love it!  I’m the worse thing too ever happen to the internet… I’m like a fucking Cancer… that keeps growing and growing until, I become a great big Zit! just waiting to EXPLODE!!!


6. Ok, you’re no spring chicken, and have been doing this for a few decades, is there a time when you might look in the mirror and ask what the fuck am I doing?


I do that everyday and night? but, if I can make a living out of dressing like a fucking CLOWN for the rest of my life… while all of you live your boring lives and live that same fucking daily routine on and on and on! then, I’m never going to give this CLOWN thing up! are you kidding me… I can be a OLD man looking like this! as long as it takes!~just, remember BOZO! (and I’m NOT talking about Dan Star! I’m talking about the "Real One" who just died! God rest his soul!) He was the most famous one of them all… now it’s time for a New CLOWN in this  ROCKTOWN and it’s "ME!"



Fifi with Paul Stanley of KISS without the make up. :)

7. If you could tour with any 3 bands from any decade, who would it be and why?

(Pick 1 from the 70s, 1 from the 80s and 1 from the 90s)


I think KISS, ALICE COOPER, TWISTED SISTER and "Me"  should do the best ultimate theatrical show experince… on earth! that would be better than anything these bands are doing right now! I mean, the last time I saw Twisted Sister they Open up for Devo! and Kiss, was playing INDIAN Casinos, and as for ALICE COOPER well? he can just do whatever he want’s too… "Cuz’ he’s Just a GOD!!!" so, I don’t care if he like’s to play Golf! Cuz’ if he’s playing that game…. it’s got to be better than seeing Tiger woods hit a stupid little ball on the grass!

8. Name some of your favorite recordings of all time?


From-KISS: KISS ALIVE, CREATURES, REVENGE… I didn’t like that Circus album… Nor did I like Paul Stanley Live to Win "boring"


Anything "ACE FREHLEY"… let’s see who come’s out with a better new Cd KISS or ACE???


Anything "RICK JAMES" cuz’ I’m a SUPER FREAK too…


Anything "LED ZEP" too…


Anything "Cheap Trick"


Fifi even pulls hot chicks…who knew?

Lexa Vonn & April Vixxi (August ’08 Sludgette) of The Plastics.

9. What is the largest and smallest crowd you’ve ever performed in front of with FFL?


the SOLD OUT! GLAMNATION show at The EL Rey Theatre! with Eric Singer, Ryan Roxie, Stefan Adika, Eric Dover, Teddy Zig Zag and Cheri Currie was there too…   all the W.A.S.P. show’s Fifi Larue did as a Opener Band those were packed too… also, when me and my band open up for the Murderdolls! that was a great show too… I’ll give a plug to L.A. Gunns too those guys are great guys!  with No Egos… Traci Guns is a cool guy!


10. Metal Sludge rate a make-up/mask band 1-10. Then tell us why they rule or suck!


I’ll rate  as #1 as the Best!

King Diamond = 5     I, don’t have any records or ever heard any of his stuff? I’ve just seen his pictures… so, I’m rating his Pictures!

Hollywood Undead = who??? is this another Taime  band? I like what Taimes does all the time… same band members playing just change your Band name… but, does that really work?

Alice Cooper =  #1    Let’s go play Golf! seriously Calico Cooper for being the daughter of a King is the most sweetest person to meet! Alice know’s how to raise good kids!

Insane Clown Posse = #4  are they really insane???

Slipknot = #2 or #3 just because, they all have to wear those hot mask’s on while their playing all the time…


Fifi with some jag off, Cindy Margolis, some broad & another jag off.

11. Bonus Question. Talk some smack, get your rocks off, and let loose on someone or something that deserves it?

#1. Thank You! Sludge, for giving me a chance to shine on this board for once…

#2. a Thank you to KISS and ALICE COOPER and TWISTED SISTER for just keeping it all going! #3. Thanks to Eric Singer, C.C. Deville, Ryan Roxy, Stefan Adika, Teddy Zig Zag, Eric Dover, Derek Sherinian, Roxy Petrucci, Chris Holmes, Bruck Kulick, Chuck Wright, Frankie Banali,

Tommy Clufetos, Keri Kelli & Gilby Clarke for all of you for opening up this world to me… that you guys live the life of!

#4. Love Me or Hate Me! I’m "The Fucking GOTHIC KILLER CLOWN of ROCK n’ ROLL!" Eat shit! all you Fifi Haters!!!

#5. Thank you to all my fans and you all know who you all are… cuz’ without you there is no me… and without me there is no you… God Bless You all!!!  Cuz’ when I Die! they will Cremate Me! and Spread all my ashes… all over the Fucking WORLD!!! so, in that way I will  still be all around the world fucking Kicking ROCK n’ ROLL ASS!!!  remember Jealous is my Fucking Revenge!!!

Love you All even the Haters! Your Fucking Rock n’ Roll! Clown! Fifi Fucking Larue…

We thank Fifi for his interview. Not sure how many people would do what he does, but we guess someone has to do it. Kudos to him.

For more info on Fifi Larue & his Gothic Killer Clown schtick check myspace >HERE<

Or his official Website >HERE<

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