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20 Questions w/ Dario Lorina of Lizzy Borden.

20 Questions w/ Dario Lorina of Lizzy Borden.


Teen Guitar Sensation Dario Lorina


We’ve been keeping our eye on this guy since his debut on the Jani Lane tour a few years back. Now he’s a ripe 19 years old and just joined the Lizzy Borden band. Dario Lorina is a teen guitarist who has turned quite a few heads already, and he can’t even legally go in a bar yet.

He’s toured the whole US, been to Europe, jammed with Vince Neil, Motorhead, and according to him – has been visually abused by Mike Fasano’s ball sack more times than he can count. Well, that’s what you get for hanging out with the Jani Lane band.

Without any futher Sludge babble, we give you Dario Lorina.

1. Here is your chance to plug your projects, websites, tours, releases & endorsements.

For all info on projects, tours, releases visit www.dariolorina.com & www.myspace.com/dariolorina.

I’m currently touring with Lizzy Borden (2009). Visit Lizzy Borden online at www.lizzyborden.com and

www.myspace.com/lizzybordenband.  As for gear, I use Lag Guitars, Coffin Case, Snap Jack Cables, Crafter Acoustic Guitars, Sfarzo Strings, PikCard, Marshall Amps, and Guitar Slinger Custom Pedals.

See all online at www.dariolorina.com.

2. How did you get your start playing rock guitar and who are your biggest influences?

From a young age, I’ve always been around music.  Many people in my family, immediate and extended are involved with music in one way or another.  When I was six years old I got an electric guitar for Christmas, from "Santa", a turquoise Samick Stratocaster-type to be exact, and just never put it down.  My influences now are George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, and Randy Rhoads, but Van Halen was THE guy who made me want to play guitar and as a guitar player I think that’s so stereotypical, but it’s true. I played my Van Halen 1 tape non-stop as a little kid, five or six years-old, along with Metallica, Queensryche, Dream Theater, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Firehouse, Slaughter, Ozzy, Mr. Big, Whitesnake, Joe Satriani, Dokken, Lynch Mob, etc…etc…

3. Tell us what takes place during the first 2 hours of your day?

When I am home, usually a bowl of cereal, maybe some coffee, email, and noodle around a bit on a guitar to get the fingers going.


Dario and Daddio.

4. Your parents had to be supportive or they would not have allowed their 16 year old son to tour the US with any rock band of 40 year old dudes. How have they helped in your career.

My parents have been and will always be my biggest supporters.  I’m not sure how many parents would allow their son to do what I did at 16, haha, but thanks mom, thanks dad.  They’ve always played a big part in helping me achieve what I dream, and still do.


Dario Lorina and Zakk Wylde.

5. Rate new skool and some old man guitarists 1-10. A 1 being someone who sucks and a 10 being someone who rips!

Each guy rips in a different way with a different feel.  I’ll rate by my personal preference.

Slash of Velvet Revolver = 11

Herman Li of DragonForce = 8

Erik Turner of Warrant = 8

Dan Jacobs of Atreyu = 8

Paul Gilbert formerly of Mr. Big = 11

Nicki Kin of Vains of Jenna = 8

George Lynch of Lynch Mob = 11

James “4” Root of Slipknot = 8

Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society = 11

Jack Ripper of the Jack Ripper Band = definitely on his way to a 10

6. You went from playing with hair band guys like Jani Lane and Eric Martin to shock rocker Lizzy Borden. Where do you think you fit best?

I enjoy playing it all. I think I fit anywhere where I can crank a Marshall and there’s room for a guitar solo.


Jani Lane & Dario Lorina

7. You started your first ever National tour as a 16 year old guitarist in the Jani Lane band. What happened after hours?..we have to ask…and what’s it like to bang an older groupie or are the wrinkled saggy tits kind of a letdown?

What happened afterhours was that you’d expect from a rock band! ;)  Those older girls are great!  …and at a young 16, all tits were great!

Here are some afterhours quotes from Mike “The Sack”.

“You got to be a survivor out here kid”

“Look for the gleam in their eyes” (it’s sort of a twinkle, you’ll know when you see it)

“Separate from the herd”

“Don’t make a career of it” (meaning don’t waste any time)

“If in doubt, whip it out”

“Throw and Go”

 Afterhours quotes to live by…


Billy Sheenan, Jack Ripper, Dario Lorina @ NAMM.

8. Let’s list to date your 3 high points and 3 low points of your music career to date?


  -Traveling to Europe for the first time

  -Touring with Jani Lane

  -Jamming a tune with Motorhead live


  I don’t think I’ve had anything to really be considered a low point as of YET, though I have a long way to go and everything so far, good or bad, has been a learning experience.

9. If you could go back in time and tour supporting any rock band who would it be and why?

That’s a tough one but…I’d have to say Led Zeppelin.  In my opinion, they are one band in the small group of pioneers and were a TRUE, now iconic, rock band!


Dario wearing a Mike "Sack" Fasano "TOTAL POSER" t-shirt.

10. Touring memory of the following cities.

Chicago, IL =
Shared the stage with The Last Vegas who were just recently on Cruefest.

Dallas, TX = Played on a rooftop, literally!

New York City, NY =  My first show with Jani Lane.

Phoenix, AZ = We played outside and it was beyond HOT!!!

Nashville, TN = I have yet to play in Nashville, looking forward to it though.

Hollywood, CA = Nothing like a Pinks hot dog after!

Pittsburgh, PA = Played outside on New Years Eve with Winger.

Las Vegas, NV = Jammed a tune with Motorhead at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay.

Detroit, MI = Celebrated my 18th birthday touring through there, thanks girls! ;)

Boston, MA = Every show is a family reunion!

11. We see you toured with Mike “The Sack” Fasano. We’re guessing you saw his mega nut sack? If so, did it look more like an old paper bag, a skin colored fanny pack or a dirty old tan sock full of peaches?

Oh yes!  The Man…The Myth…THE LEGEND!  Mike “The Sack”.  It looks like an OVERSIZED, skin colored avocado and yes, I’ve seen the coke can trick AND the coffee pot trick, but many may not know what the coffee pot trick is. I’ll just say to beware the next time you think about making coffee in your hotel room.

He taught me some of the “ways” of the road and is the big brother I never had!


Dario drinks beer, but wants you to think it’s just Coke.

Hey Dario, just don’t snort the shit or you’ll end up like Phil Varone! You got it?

12.   Speaking of touring, it’s not a big secret that Jani Lane has battled with some demons. Was there any life lessons learned from that tour? And how was Jani as someone you looked up to from his past success and now you’re seeing the reality side of life, driving, big crowds, small crowds, good bad and evil. Please give us an inside look from a 16 year old kid seeing the country for the first time.

Well, that was my first tour and I learned a lot about the ways of the road, traveling wise, performing wise, how to handle certain situations, etc…  I had driven cross country before when I moved from east coast to west, but seeing the country (or world) traveling with a band is by far an interesting experience.

At that time, as young as I was to be doing what I was, on my own in a sense, I listened with my ears, watched with my eyes, and hardly said a word.  I was taking everything in, learning what was good and what was bad.

Depending on where we played the crowds differed in size, but most of them were extremely responsive.

Jani is a great guy, incredible songwriter and amazing front man.  When he’s on his game he is a blast to tour with.  Everybody has their ups and downs and I’ve learned at a young age, that’s life.


Dick & Dario


13. Are you superstitious? This is question #13 you know. Tell us about your worst ever show, day, tour experience to date. What went wrong and what didn’t go right?

Nope, not really superstitious, but I dig that song by Stevie Wonder.  I don’t think on my end, as far as playing, I have a horrible show to report as of yet but…  One show, I was wearing brand new cowboy boots with slick bottoms and the stage somehow got soaked, not just wet. There was just enough water to make everywhere slippery.  I came running from the other side of the stage (with my guitar of course) in mid-song back to stage left and when I got about center, my legs went right out from under me.  I

think I caught myself with my arm and I was right back up on my feet. That is a hard thing to recover from when you’re performing on stage, haha.  I don’t think Jani or the other guys in the band even saw it

because it was behind everybody, except Sack (Mike Fasano) because it was right in front of his drum riser.  I just smiled, laughed it off and continued on, had to tune really quick though.  Haha!


Dario Live!

14. Besides not being 21 and legal to drink or sometimes enter a lot of the venues you are playing in, what is the biggest hurdle to get over daily at such a young age being on tour?

I never really have any hurdles like that to deal with on the road, it’s when I’m home and I try to get in to a club where I’m not playing, or haven’t played before.  I usually figure out some way though.

15. Your myspace has great killer quotes about you from Sebastian Bach, Jani Lane, Ted Nugent, Nikki Sixx, Dana Strum and many others. Let us ask you this, have you had anyone say anything shitty to you, or read a bad review that ripped you a new asshole?

Yes, of course, but…can’t pay too much attention to that stuff…will only mess with you mentally.

16. From a young musician’s eye, what do you make of all the bands touring with un’original members, different guitarists, singers, different versions of the same band, etc..?

If a new member can bring something new while keeping it true to the original, then it’s interesting, but of course there is nothing like the original members of a band.


Dario jamming with The Atomic Punks and David Lee Ralph (Michael Starr).

17. Word Association: We mention a name, you give us your quick and simple thoughts.Brent Muscat = Sin City Sinners/Faster Pussycat

Johnny Coffin = Coffin Case www.coffincase.com

Lizzy Borden = Jagermeister!

Mike Fasano = www.myspace.com/mikefasano.

Eric Martin = Lean into It.  One of my favorite albums!

Obi Steinman = JHFP

Michael Starr = Atomic Punks/Steel Panther and of course…  DLR!

Phil Soussan = Shot in The Dark

Lonn Friend =Life on Planet Rock.

Jani Lane = Down Boy

18. If you could slap any celebrity in the face who would it be and why?

Zac Efron…maybe some of that foundation will come off.  I heard 17 Again was pretty good though….

19.What was your biggest musical related pay check for to date and what did you buy with it?

Well, what I bought with it was…  A suite, two hookers (classy ones of course), a couple 8 balls, a bottle of champagne, a trip to the emergency room, and a cab ride home from the hospital, and I think I still had some money left. ;)


Dario supporting his endorsements.

20. The Last of Dario Lorina

Last time you got drunk =
Bought some Absinthe in Europe, opened it up on Saturday night

Last free item you got from an endorsement = Prototype overdrive pedal.

Last time you talked to Jani Lane = Fairly recently over email.

Last fast food you ate was = In and Out burger.

Last time you had a hair cut = Last Wednesday.  Cut, Color, Highlight.

Last time you broke a string live = March 2nd, 2009 at the Hard Rock in Koln, Germany. Phil Campbell/Motorhead let me play his signature Lag Explorer for the rest of the song though. Thanks Phil.

Last famous person you shook hands with = Zakk Wylde

Last time you cried = A couple weeks ago when Mike “The Sack” showed me the Key Chain Trick. I laughed so hard I cried!

Last show you saw from the crowd = Black Label Society.

Last time you visited Metal Sludge = this morning.

Let’s review, shall we?

Dario survived his first ever US tour at age 16 in the Jani Lane band.

Dario has seen Mike Fasano’s nut sack enough to call children’s protective services.

Dario has jammed with Motorhead.

Dario has hung out with Eval Dick.

Dario drinks beer, but puts Coca Cola cans over the bottles in pictures.

Dario has long hair. A lot of it.

Dario shreds on guitar.

Dario has likely banged older broads on the road.

Fucking kick ass dude, you’re in the the band.

We’d like to thank Dario for joining the long list of rock stars who have done the infamous 20 Questions. It looks like he’s got his head on straight and is on his way to a great career. Time for some new young blood in the rock world. Go Dario.

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Check out Dario live with Lizzy Borden on the following up coming dates.

* "Whisky-A-Go-Go" Hollywood, CA May 26th 2009

* "Rocklahoma" Pryor, OK July 11th 2009

* "Rock Gone Wild" Algona, IA August 20th 2009

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