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10?s w/ Shawn Smash of Middle Finger Mob

10 Questions with Shawn Smash of Middle Finger Mob


We recently caught up with Total Chaos guitarist Shawn Smash about a new project he’s got rolling called Middle Finger Mob. They got tattoos, drink beer, hate Nickelback and likely don’t take shit from anyone. Sounds cool, let’s check them out.

1.What is Middle Finger Mob, who are you, and what is the bands plans for the future?

We are a bunch of Misfits from other bands that finally found a home with Middle Finger Mob. We have finally finished our Cd titled "Songs of Love, Sex and Death" and will be having our record release party at the Whiskey a go go in L.A on May 21st.

2. Some of you guys have been in former bands/projects, what have you done that the fans need to know about?

I play in Total Chaos and released 3 albums on Epitaph records(The Offspring,Rancid) and Danny "Boy" Virus was formerly in Total Chaos and also did a stint with the Bulletboys for a few years. Freekshow and Lenka Danger and D.J Cruise were in Hollywood 77 playing every shithole imaginable.


MFM dressing room pre show antics.

3. Your based in Hell, Hollywood California. What are the pros and cons of living in a major music Mecca?

Pros – The weather is great, lots of beautiful woman, the one and only Rainbow bar and grill. Lots of hungry record labels…

Cons – The worst traffic in the world, next to mexico city and New York and the gas is about 20 to 30 cents higher than the National Average. High cost of living and lots of unsavory characters trying to take advantage of people.

4. What hard rock band should be dropped from their label so MFM can take their place?

Nickelback and all that generic top 40 Creed style rock. I can’t stand that shit.


Danny "Boy" Virus, Lenka Danger, Shawn Smash, D.J Cruise, Freekshow!

5. How has the following hurt or helped MFM?

Alcohol = It makes our live shows that much more fun : )

Guitar Center =Always there when you need something…

Porno = Who doesn’t watch Porno???

Burger King = Good drunking late night snack after rehearsal…

The Internet = Myspace made it possible for unknown bands to get a following without having to flyer the parking lot of a Bon Jovi concert. Thanks Tom : )

Sports = Neither

6. Back to Hollywood. Tell us about one of the craziest nights on the town with MFM?

Too much alcohol, blow, cigarettes and sex on a ping pong table….

7. If MFM could tour with any 3 bands from any decade, who would it be and why? (Pick 1 from the 70s, 1 from the 80s and 1 from the 90s)

70’s definitly Aerosmith when they were raw.

80’s Guns and Roses

90’s do I have too??? LOL Buckcherry is cool!!!


Shawn Smash laying down some guitars in the studio.

8. Name some of your favorite recordings of all time?

1.Sex Pistols – Nevermind the Bollocks

2.Guns and Roses – Appetite for Destruction

3.Billy Idol – Rebel Yell

9. What is the largest and smallest crowd you’ve ever performed in front of with MFM?

Well we only played one show at a biker bar in riverside and we had about 100 people in there!!!

10. Metal Sludge rate a band 1-10. Then tell us why they rule or suck!

Motley Crue = 10 for sheer attitude, music 8

Green Day = 7 snotty catchy radio friendly punk

Axl N’ Roses = 6 They don’t suck, all those guys can play, but everyone would like to see the classic lineup!!!

The Used = 5 their nice guys, only heard a few songs.

Nickelback = 2 – I can’t stand this new wave of generic top 40 rock.

Poison =7 the first 2 albums had a lot of fun songs on them.


11. Sling some Sludge, Talk some Shit, Get it off your chest. What or who pisses you guys off?

The state of music, could rock and roll be anymore fucking boring??? I am talking about alot of these bland generic stale sounding rock bands with no attitude or anything remotely dangerous about them at all. This shit that is being played on the radio and MTV puts me to fucking sleep, I can’t tell one band from the other and music has become so safe now, there is no danger or attitude or rebellion anymore.

It doesn’t surprise me that so many people still go to see Motley Crue and Poison concerts at least those shows are still shows with lasers and explosions, filled with excitement. I am glad to see lots of new rock bands coming out like Vains of Jenna, The Erotics, Middle Finger Mob, carrying the torch of what rock and roll is meant to be!!!

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