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Axl Rose is a 4 octave vocal wonder-audio proof inside.

Axl Rose is a 4 octave vocal wonder-audio proof inside.


Does Axl Rose have a 4 octave wonder of a voice?


Wow. What music nerd sorted this we’ll never know. Check it out.

Time for 4 octave wonder number 17! It is a pretty well known singer this time, Axl Rose. This should get the number of views up! Like Matt Barlow and Daniel Gildenlow, a bass-baritone who pushes himself up the 5th octave. A friend of mine said that Axl sounds like a guitar, and he´s right! Not a melodic singer but he gets the job done! This one has been requested by many, thanks goes out to all that have contributed and especially, illuminati, spydrfish and helenb.

Wanna follow along with a video clip? We thought so, check it out >HERE<

1.The low passage towards the end of Sweet child of mine, lowest note is F#2.

2.The low harmony in the beginning of Paradise city, also F#2.

3.A solid D#2 from You ain´t the first.

4.The live version has 2 D#2:s.

5.C#2 from Coma.

6.Another C#2, this time from Shackler´s revenge off Chinese Democracy (nice that Axl finally considered it finished!).

7.Can axl go lower? He´s speaking in the lower part of the 2nd octave here and sings a C#2 (one more TIME) at the end, from a MTV rockumentary.

8.Axl slides down to a wobbly but sustained C2 at the end of Ain´t going down (demo).

9.I think axl touches on a B1 in this clip, also from Ain´t going down (demo).

10.Also B1 in this clip from song My world but it sounds like fry.

11.B1 also in this well known song, November rain (my favorite epic GNR song), fry?

12.This sounds also like B1, a low harmony from There was a time.

13.Time to get high.a C#5 from Paradise city.

14.A D5 from Hollywood rose song Reckless life.

15.The classic ending to Sweet child where axl hits a few D#5.s and also a short E5.

16.Sustained D#5 from song Anything goes.

17.D#5 with trills from Welcome to the jungle.

18.F5 from You could be mine.

19.singing up to F#5! and then sustaining that note, from There was a time. His highest singing ever, this must be tough for him at concerts.

20.Great F#5 from I.R.S.

21.Nice cadenza topping at G#5 from Scraped.

22.Sustained G#5:s together with Sebastian Bach (who had/has some great highs!), I don´t hear two voices though, song is Back in the saddle (old Aerosmith song).

23.A great Do you know what the fuck you aaaaaaaare scream by axl, almost hitting an A5, from a MTV award show. I´m sure there are other axl screams that go even higher.

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Is there any music nerds out there who can sort Bret Michaels range for us?

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