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Florida metal band THRASH OR DIE get’s ripped off!

Florida metal band THRASH OR DIE ripped off!




Hey industry help these guys out! Think about it, this could be your band next!

Got any info? Contact the band direct and help them out ASAP!

Here is what happened according to a blog from the band on the Sludge Boards >HERE<

Sometime between the hours of 4:00am and 11:00am this morning our band warehouse in Hialeah/Opa-Locka got broken into. The thieves/cunts made off with thousands of dollars in equipment. I am reaching out to you my brothers and sisters to please re-post this message in hopes that some of this stuff can be tracked down. I cant emphasize enough about how much we sacrificed and struggled to get this equipment, and now almost $6,000.00 in gear is gone.

No other warehouses were broken into, it seems very suspicious and leads us to believe that we were specifically targeted. This was no random act. We were ready to record an album in about a month and now those plans are ruined.

Here is a list of all the stuff that got stolen, please contact me as soon as possible if you have seen any of this equipment. I would be eternally grateful. Not only were these expensive items, but some had tremendous sentimental value including a cymbal I hand picked from the Sabian factory when I went to Canada.

Tama Superstar Hyper-drive 7-piece drumset in Brushed Metallic Black

(2) 22 x 20 Bass Drums

8 x 6 Tom Tom

10 x 6.

5 Tom Tom

12 x 7 Tom Tom

16 x 14 Floor Tom

Pearl 14 x 7 Maple Free Floater in Red Lacquer

Sabian HH 21' Raw Bell Dry Ride

Sabian Vault 18' Crash

Sabian AA 17' Fast Crash

Sabian AAXtreme 17' Chinese

Sabian 12' Ice Bell

Zildjian 18' Oriental China Trash

Meinl 12' Filter China

Pearl DR-503 Drum Rack

(2) Tama Iron Cobra Powerglide Bass Drum Pedals

Miscellaneous Boom Arms, Cymbal Stands, Snare Stand, and Drum Throne.

B.C. Rich Bitch guitar in black with Wasburn tremolo and EMG pickups

B.C. Rich Innovator bass guitar in off white

Miscellaneous Audix drum microphones.

So please if you see any of this gear or hear about anything that wold help us get our beloved items back we would be eternally grateful. Please contact  786-663-3944 or fazelinear@yahoo.com.

And last but not least, to the motherless fucks who took our gear you "will" be caught. You were under video surveillance at our warehouse complex and we will be watching those tapes with our leasing office Monday morning. Not to mention the officers and detectives who we called to our warehouse after we discovered the robbery also dusted for prints...so needless to say in one way or another you "will" be caught. That I promise!!!

I would also like to thank the Devastator guys for being there for us and helping us out in our time of need.

Once again, if you have any leads or just anything please contact us.

Thank you. THRASH OR DIE

Hey guys we hope you get your stuff back, and if not - never fear, the METAL community is strong. We have Sludge faith that some related METAL companies will step up and do whatever they can to put you back on the map.

With that said, Metal Sludge calls to the masses - help THRASH OR DIE thrash again. Even if it's strings, a case, cymbals, or guitars. Let's make it happen! Spread the word. You guys got a free ad from Sludge for your next release, tour, etc.. you name it. We'll help promote it.

Check out THRASH OR DIE on myspace >HERE<

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