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Adlers Appetite has some drama without Steven.

Adlers Appetite has some drama without Steven


Steven Adler, Sheldon Tarsha, Michael Thomas & Alex Grossi

Well the word is that Adler’s Appetite had some drama last week at their Cleveland Ohio show. The band played at the "Hi-Fi" club which is co-owned by former Down Boy – Billy Morris.

The scoop is that Steven Adler had an appearance on the Howard Stern show and Chip Z’nuff accompanied (baby sat) him on the trip. The band stayed behind and played a gig with out their famous rhythm section.

Well the rumor is that things got a little hairy, and lead singer Sheldon Tarsha and guitarist Alex Grossi got into a little knock down drag out which resulted in Alex getting an injury to his hand (fingers).

We received some incoming on these alleged events including this e-mail below.

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Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 4:29 PM

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Subject: adler tension?


there was a hint of it on the gossip board—but it said Chad Stewart

went to the hospital—


the fact is Alex Grossi went to the hospital for 2 broken fingers

after Sheldon Tarsha sucker punched and/or tackled him.


Apparently there has been much tension in the "band" mainly with

Grossi/Stewart/Thomas and Tarsa and it blew up in Ohio.


Alex was to be sent home but now may finish out the tour, but with 2

broken fingers on his left hand.


Just something I heard from a reliable source…maybe you can dig up more info?



There is a post on the Sludge Boards >HERE< titled: "
ADLER’S APPETITE without Adler?"

The band appears to still be intact. They played "Jaxx" the other nite and there are some clips on YouTube already >HERE< & >HERE<

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