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10 Questions w/ Juliet’s Vice from the tri state area.

10 Questions w/ Juliet’s Vice from the tri state area.


Juliet’s Vice.

We get all kinds of e-mails and requests from bands all over the planet. They usually ask if we’ll interview them or make them famous. We usually reply with NO. Or if you buy a banner we’ll think about it.

Juliet’s Vice is another one of those who contacted Sludge and asked if they could swing from our ball bag. We said sure, but only if you live in the filthiest city in America and shop at Hot Topic. Turns out they’re from Philladelphia and their pictures comfirm the second part.

A couple of these scum bags have been long time Sludge fans and always keep us up to speed on the latest glam  o’rama drama when something whack happens in Filthadelphia.

Here is Juliet’s Vice.

1. Who is Juliet’s Vice, what’s the name mean, who’s in the band & what are your goals?

Juliet’s Vice is a dirty sleazy glammy hard rock band from Philly. The band consists of Dan Parsels on Lead Vocals and lead guitar, Damian MonteCarlo on lead vocals and guitar, Stevie Lang on bass and backing vocals and Johnny Tuscadero on drums and backing vocals. The name is obvious, just a chick we knew who had some addictions. Our plans are to eventually dominate the world, help bring this style of music back on top and to not work a real job!

2. Some of you guys may have been in former bands/projects, what have you done that the fans need to know about?

We’re not here to brag about the past but between the 4 of us we’ve opened up for just about every 80’s metal band under the sun. All the Metal Sludge favorites like Dokken, Warrant, Ratt, Slaughter, L.A. Guns, Tuff, etc…….

Editor: We wouldn’t brag about those bands either, sorry to hear you had to play with them.

3. How have the following helped Juliet’s Vice?

A. Groupies =they help promote the band and help take the edge off at the end of the night

B. Guitar Center =
usually the place where we buy our gear

C. Fast food drive thru service =
we stay away from fast food because we need to watch our girlish figures

D. The local medical clinic =
takes away the burning!

E. MySpace =
myspace has helped us sell 3 cds and meet online groupies…..also got us this interview

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should be dropped from their label so Juliet’s Vice can take their place?Probably Fallout Boy or Hinder


5. Give us the craziest drunken sex filled broken down van and/or kicked out of your motel rock nite that JV experienced?
Don’t want to get too specific but it involved Jack Daniels, an alley in Philly, and some chicks input…

6. The band is based out of the tri state area, what are 3 good things and 3 bad things about your local music scene?Good

1. There is a tight knit community with the other bands in our scene and we all have each others backs.

2. Philly is pretty close to NYC and other areas that have good venues to play.

3. Cinderella is from here.



1. To many bullshit cookie cutter cover bands.

2. Rock radio here sucks and they’re not supportive.

3. Lack of good venues to play.


Let’s do a quick rock check to see if these guys are legit?

Tattoo’s = Check

Eye Liner = Check

Boots = Check

Anarchy sign = Check

Skulls = Check

Wallet Chain = Check

Patches on Pants = Check

Sun Glasses = Check

Scarfs = Check

LA Guns shirt = Check

Yup, looks like they are legit, everything is a "check".

7. If Juliet’s Vice could tour with any 3 bands from the 80s, who would it be and why?
Motley Crue and Poison because they still play in front huge audiences and Cinderella because in our minds they’re Philly legends.

8. Out of all the national acts you guys have opened for, who was the coolest, and which band were the biggest dicks you’ve ever met?

We played with Britny Fox and Stephen Pearcy recently and they were cool, especially Billy Childs. Fortunatley we haven’t met any dicks yet.

9. What is the largest and smallest crowd you’ve ever performed in front of with Juliet’s Vice?The smallest was probably with Ray West from Spread Eagle. That was probably like 15 people. Opening for nationals we’ve played in front of a few hundred but I guess on our own we had about 100 or so people at our cd release show.

10. Metal Sludge rate a band 1-10. Then tell us why they rule or suck!

Guns n’ Roses =10 – just for Appetite alone

LA Guns =
10 – 1st cd is a classic. We’re playing with them in April

Avenged Sevenfold =
0 – Not really our cup of tea

Slaughter =
8 – Dan’s a big fan

Hanoi Rocks =
6 – they looked really cool

Skid Row =
10 with Bach – a 2 with Solinger

Buckcherry =
7 –

Cinderella =
10 – For a city like Philly that really embraces their own who make it, Cinderella gets no love here. You’ll hear the Hooters on the radio all the time but no Cinderella…thats bullshit

Lynam =
Don’t really know them

Enuff Z’nuff =
6 – Chip is cool

626jokers 013444.jpg

Juliet’s Vice with West Coast sleaze bags Dirty Penny.

11. Bonus Round: Talk some shit and vent on anyone you care to.
There really is no one to talk shit about but for the people who complain that there really isn’t any good bands around, just open up your ears and your eyes. There are a shitload of newer bands popping up like us, Dirty Penny, Crash Diet, Vains of Jenna etc.. that capture that attitude, sound and look that the classic bands like Motley and GnR had. Get out there and support newer bands by going to the shows and buying the cd’s. It really helps us big time.


Since we’re poor and can’t afford a website you can check us out on myspace >HERE<

Our debut cd Decadence & Romance is available there. Thanks!!

Thanks guys you’re kicking ass. Keep up the good work and sleaze ya later.

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