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Chris Jericho gets physical with female fan after match.

Chris Jericho gets physical with female fan after match.



News has broke that WWE wrestling star Chris Jericho has gotten physical with a female fan outside the venue after a match. A video on YouTube has surfaced  >HERE< which shows the wrestler get a little violent with a few people. Another clip >HERE< of Jericho walking to his truck while fans are yelling "Jericho you suck" at the top of their lungs. Listen at the 21 second mark and you hear what sounds like a 12 year old kid yell "you suck balls". 

Chris has done several intervews with Sludge over the years. Check out his re-wind from 2002 >HERE< and a Back-4-More from 2005 >HERE< Also,  we did an interview with him as Mongoose McQueen from his Heavy Metal band Fozzy that can be found >HERE<

Some of the energy surrounding recent Chris Jericho press is also contributed to the Mickey Rourke incident that balooned on Larry King Live >HERE< This has to do with a comment Rourke made on the red carpet that Jericho took offense to.

Now there is talk of a fight, wrestling match, and who knows what else.

Let’s take a look at the tale of the tape.

rourkewrestler2.jpg         Chris_Jericho_458338aw.jpg

Mickey Rourke                                            Chris Jericho

Job: Actor/Boxer                                         Job: Wrestler/Singer

Failed at: Plastic Surgery                            Failed at: An acting career

Age: 56                                                         Age: 38

Height: 5’11"                                                Height: 5’9" *
With Lifts

Weight: 200lbs                                             Weight: 220lbs

Hair: Thinning                                              Hair: Frosted blond

Friends with: Axl Rose                                 Friends with: Paul Gargano

Advantage: Maturity & iron fists                Advantage: Youth & top rope antics

Disadvantage: A plastic face                      Disadvantage: Ring rust

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