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Sebastian Bach & fans respond to his “don’t post my art on the internet” message.

Sebastian Bach & fans respond to his "art on the internet"


A few of Vh1’s current day super stars. Steven Adler & Sebastian Bach.


We did a post the other day >HERE< about a clip that appeared on Blabbermouth. It was pretty clear that Blabberballs in it’s post, and the fans defense were stirring the pot a bit. And in typical Sludge fashion we stirred it some more. Of course Baz won’t get too annoyed at Blabbernutz cause they always sit on the fence and play safe. On the other hand, we’ll call it like we see it. Plain and simple Bach was being a dick.  The Blabbersack softy post is >HERE<

Now that Bach got wind of the Sludge bitch slap to his face, he’s kinda flipped his greasy hair back and shot a myspace message off to one of his fans. Baz has lashed out at the Sludge CEO. We are broken over this, and can only hope that Baz issues the proper apology at once.

If not, we’ll insist that Mr. "don’t post my art on the internet" take and drink a tall glass of shut the fuck up and go back to playing Rachel, Scotti & Snake’s songs while sucking Axl Rose & Bret Michaels respective nut sacks as the warm up.

Let us give the fans and posters on the boards a chance to be heard and chime in >HERE<

suckit wrote:

does a guy who gets drunk on Two Buck Chuck on reality TV have any fucking clue what "art" really is?

iamthejer wrote:

in one of his blogs about ‘Chinese Democracy’ he says this:

"This is the first brand new album I have bought in over 15 years for sure, possibly 20 years."

so if he hasnt been "buying" albums, then isnt he a big fucking hypocrite? getting promos isnt helping his boys in Hell Yeah or Hatebreed bank accounts. he’s not helping feed their children.

i can even understand his mentality, just not his delivery. but when he admits to not buying albums….how’s he any better? oh, and i wonder if he’s paid all the songwriters & labels for each of the CD-Rs of his "tribute album" songs he was selling on his site for years? i know i bought one.

and his threats of not releasing another cd…so you punish your diehard fans? the people who WANT to buy your stuff? he makes it difficult to be a fan sometimes.

chitownwillie wrote:

"His Art"

Doesn’t Sebitchian have other people write the songs for him?

Fuck Him.

johnk5150 wrote:

His stupidity cannot be measured. What a talented idiot.

suckit wrote:

i actually felt bad for him when he did cribs. his house had a real "kid who finally saved up enough money to move out of mom’s basement and buy a place across town" kinda vibe.

Metal Sludge wrote:

No shit huh? Fucking KISS lunch boxes, action figures on the sink, comic books in a "fire proof" safe and in the midst of his office full of toys was a fucking metal folding chair to sit on.

deathcurse wrote:

When I saw Bach live, he told everyone to hold their cell phones up, record the song, and upload it to YouTube.

digna wrote:

he’s such a dipshit sometimes, every single time I think he’s going to grow up… he shows he still doesn’t get it… oh well.

sin wrote:

Someone should send him Stevies reply on the main page, so we can watch him go off again.

Metal Sludge wrote:

Well, a fan has already done so, and the reply is in a myspace exchange between Baz & one of his fans below.

A fan named Elliot wrote to Sebastian in a myspace message:

—————– Original Message —————–

From: Elliot

Date: Jan 26, 2009 11:53 AM (pst)

let the kid use your song for his video game shit or whatever. you have to look at each request to use your music individually. give back to the fans. you would be a turd ferguson without them. i understand where you are coming from. but the fans feel they have a closer relationship to you then obviously you think you have with them. if he thinks he can send an email to you and you will allow him to use that i don’t think it justified the harsh response you gave and it should be flattering to you that they feel that close to an artist like yourself. call it charity for god sakes. it will give you more exposure . the silver lining etc. etc. think long and hard before you let your anger dictate a response especially on the internet. now look what metal-sludge is saying for petes sake lol.

alright man keep on truckin mother fucker! your number 2,423 fan.


Here is Sebastian Bach’s reply to his fan.


Date: Jan 26, 2009 10:48 AM (est)

Subject: RE: bachman cometh bachman taketh awayeth

Body:  you are so fucking clueless. the reason i do so many tv shows etc is that ROCK IS OVER. its the fans fault! gee, stevie rachelle doesnt understand? who gives a fuck about stevie rachelle? have a nice life with your TUFF albums, & im gonna go see if i can do another vh1 show so i can eat fucking dinner tonight.

Hey Baz, we heard TOOL ACADEMY on Vh1 is gonna run another season and they want you as the head fucking TOOL? Awesome. Go for it.

Who gives a shit about Stevie Rachelle? Maybe my kids give a shit. Well I wanna eat some dinner tonight too, so I think I’m gonna go sell some more banner ads for the site. While I’m at it, I’m gonna pimp out the Cathouse swag >HERE<, the Sludgendise >HERE< & the Tuff albums >HERE<. I’ll also push VAINS of JENNA >HERE< (a GREAT example of ROCK NOT BEING OVER).

Once again you’ve proven that sometimes you just don’t get it. Now go smoke some more pot.

Metal Sludge

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