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Five Finger Death Punch talks about guitar change.

Five Finger Death Punch talks about guitar change.


Five Finger Death Punch trades in Darrell Roberts (far left) for Jason Hook.


Metal Sludge brought you this exclusive news days ago in our post >HERE< and is it a shocker that Sludge was right again? Of course not.

Now read this below issued to the AP from the band Five Finger Death Punch today.

From the AP:

Los Angeles-based metal band FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH has confirmed that it has parted ways with guitarist Darrell Roberts and replaced him with Jason Hook.

The group said in a statement: "The rumors are true, only with less spins and no turbulence. Every band has its growing pains, and after 18 months in the trenches, relentless touring and living together, we all came to a conclusion that a change had to be made. It was a mutual agreement between the band and Darrell, and both parties wanted to handle this with class and as friends in our own time and on our own terms. However, the rumor mill seems to work faster than anyone thought… It was a swift and smooth transition and we all remain good friends. All clichés aside, we really wish him the best on his musical endeavors. As for us, Darrell joined the band after our debut album was already recorded, so the direction and sound of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH obviously won’t change a bit."

Jason has worked with many acts over the years, including 
ALICE COOPER, BULLETBOYS, STEPHEN PEARCY and VINCE NEIL. He also has a solo album out, called "Safety Dunce", which won the L.A. Music Award in 2005 for "Best Independent Instrumental Album." The CDHook partnering with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH drummer and co-producer Jeremy Spencer to make a collection of recordings that strayed from traditional guitar instrumental music. saw


Hmm, it looks as though the fine folks known as 5FDP forgot to mention that Jason Hook also played with Mandy Moore and Hilary Duff. Check out the 20 Questions we did with Jason Hook >HERE< back in 2000. Jason also did a Sludge ReWind >HERE< in 2002.

We dug up some pictures of Hook looking a little less "metal" and a lot more like a "Backstreet Boy" when he played air guitar to backing tracks with Mandy Moore on the Jay Leno show. Jason Hook wikipedia >HERE< talks about his past projects.


Jason Hook relaxing in a nice lounge in shiny pants and a matching necklace.


Jason Hook with Mandy Moore and some nice flowers too.

We guess that just like when Darrell Roberts joined W.A.S.P. and they forgot to acknowledge that he was playing guitar in TUFF and recorded the hit "American Hair Band". Of course they let the world know he played in a Metallica tribute band. Gee, like that was any better of an accomplishment.

We interviewed Darrell back in 2001, you can read that >HERE< and see what he thought about Jason Hook in our Rate a Guitarist section. You can also see old skool pics of Darrell in our exposed section >HERE< looking a bit posed out if you will.

Speaking of Darrell, he put out his own blog about the break up. This comes from his official myspace site >HERE<

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The rumors are true,,,,Well almost!

Yes the rumors are partially true. After spending the last two years leveling venues across America with Five Finger Death Punch,It has become apparent to myself,Zoltan,Ivan,Matt and Jeremy that it is time for me step aside and not remain a member of the band. It was a very difficult decision to make for all sides and not one that I wanted to make,,,,at first. After a grueling ten week tour and several conversations with the guys it was obvious to all that I was not happy with my role in the band.They realized this and decided it was time to make a change. Everything is cool between myself and the band. We just spent the weekend hanging out together at NAMM and I actually think we get along better now that the pressure of being in a working situation is over. I know it sounds cliche,But I honestly wish nothing but the best for them. I am sure they will continue to build the monster known as 5FDP and keep whoopin ass everywhere they go. As I write this letter my mind is literally racing with ideas and inspiration to put together a new band that will be my vision,my rules and on my shoulders….And I can’t wait to get to work! I would like to give love,respect and thanks to all the Knuckleheads that raised a fist with me over the last two years. You fuckers are hardcore and I hope to win your respect with my new band. I would also like to thank all the amazing people and bands that I have toured with,drank with,ate with,traveled with and befriended along the way. I hope to do it all again in the near future….Don’t dare count me out,I will be back with a vengeance!!!!—D

This has all the makings of a good old fashioned Sludge post. Stay tuned for any news, updates, or related drama.

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