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Bret Michaels admits he has fake hair on “Rock of Love”

Bret Michaels admits he has fake hair on "Rock of Love" episode.


Who wakes up to eat breakfast already wearing a head band?

In the most recent episode of "Rock of Love – Bus" with Bret Michaels the star of the show admits to having fake hair. This comes as no surprise to the majority of the planet. Michaels hair looks about as real as the tits on most of the blond bimbos on his show.

Let’s grab a close up on this synthetic hat.


“I’ve spent some quality money on the finest hair extensions Europe has to offer.” Bret Michaels

This topic (Bret Michaels’ hair) has been a heated on the Gossip Boards for years. The Sludgeaholics have opinions that defend him, slam him and everything in between.

Let’s check in and see what the kids are saying about this grand revelation >HERE<.

escalation66 wrote:

Another lie being admitted too, I seem to remember last year he denied having them. Not that anyone believed him.

HeavyMetalZombie666 wrote:

I know he shaved his head for the film Letter on Death Row. So it don’t surprise me on the hair extensions issue when it comes to live performances issue.

Metal Sludge wrote:

Attention moron. The movie is called “A Letter from Death Row” and was filmed in 1998. If your hair don’t grow back in ten years, it ain’t gonna grow back period.

Saracapri wrote:

He doesn’t have extensions. He wears a wig.

HeavyMetalZombie666 wrote:

Ride the Wig! 

tweet75 wrote:

true love doesn’t care about hair

Panteraman319 wrote:

or talent

KingV wrote:

Yup, and that was a wig. My sister’s friend used to work for a company that made his wigs back then. Wigs, not extensions, weaves, plugs, or whatever else people assume on here.

JoanOfAss wrote:

If that was Bret’s real hair he wouldn’t have to wear a bandanna.

Dokken1980 wrote:

Who give a flying fuck if wears hair extensions. You know how many people these day wear hair extensions in Hollywood from Jessica Simpson, Britany Spears, Paris Hilton, ect, ect so why do some people on this board give rock stars shit for wearing them. Some people need to get a fucking life. I see no problem with people wanting to wear them. Yea they are just as fake as boob implants but so what if it makes you look and feel better.

Metal Sludge wrote:

This coming from someone who calls themselves Dokken1980. In case you didn’t know, Don Dokken is not also a singer, but a client too.

BigHairTightPants wrote:

Oh, I have no problem with him wearing them…I just think it’s funny that he thinks no one knows.


What next, he’s gonna admit he stuffs his pants with old socks too?


In other news. A rumor has circulated onto the Sludge Boards that Beverly is the winner of "Rock of Love – Bus". Stay tuned to see if this holds true.

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