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Metal Sludge ReWind w/ Stephen Pearcy of Ratt.

Metal Sludge ReWind w/ Stephen Pearcy of Ratt.


The man behind the voice of Ratt – Stephen Pearcy.

We first interviewed Stephen Pearcy with a 20 Questions >HERE< back in November 2003. At this point he wasn’t even in Ratt. It’s an entertaining look back. Now things have come full circle and he’s back in the band and we’ll let him take it from here. Enjoy.

1. What do you have going on right now, go for it and get your plugs out of the way?

Writing, preparing for the new RATT CD, projects from Top Fuel Records, always out doing the solo shows. 100 people, a thousand, ten thousand, it’s all the same a fuckin party!

Doing shows around the NHRA Drag Races 2009, music in movies. Just developing projects, keeping in the system. Plaining the summer tour, the whole procedure.

2. Metal Sludge first interviewed you in November of 2003. Since then you have rejoined forces with RATT.  How did the “reunion” come about and why did it take so many years to sort the issues?

I  wouldn’t call it a re union, just timing and wanting to play our music. Thru all the bull shit, and drama, we do like what we do, we play music. If even getting off for that moment it’s all worth kickin ass for. It’s only Ratt n Roll.

3. The reunion has happened, but Juan Croucier has once again declined to be involved. Is this strictly based on bitterness from the past or is there some other corny reason?

Probably all the above. I wish he would have pulled in, now Robert Crane has been in the band longer then Juan.


Warren DeMartini, Robbie Crane, Stephen Pearcy, Bobby Blotzer, Carlos Cavazo.

4.  In a more recent development with RATT – Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot) has stepped in to fill the John Corabi void on guitar. How is this working out, and does Carlos have a history with the band considering you’re all from the same scene in Hollywood from the early 80s?

Yeh, I’ve know Carlos from early 80’s w/Dubrow, John is more than a rhythm guitar player, he’s a great singer and has more to offer. All around. Carlos has been working out great, I need loud guitars to work with. Sounds like a rock band to me, give us a few weeks out there, I’m ready to go! There’s more than enough emotion in this ocean, can you say studio?


Stephen Pearcy says he doesn’t believe in low points. We’d like to think that some

of these clothing choices could definitely be considered a low point.

5.  You mentioned in your 20?s that you “Don’t believe in low points.” Last summer at a show in Mexico City Mexico you fell off the stage inebriated and were unable to continue only to be replaced by John Corabi on vocals to finish the set. Would you consider this….

A. A low point

When in Rome, let’s look in the mirror. 

B. A high point

RATT playing different countries last year.

C. A REALLY high

If I could have XXX more than 3 times a day.


6. Give us a little break down of the last 24 hours of the life of Stephen Pearcy?

Show, late night, Flew to L.A., then drove to San Diego.


Pearcy live with Crane in the back ground.

7. In your 20?s you also said the following: “Comment for Ron Keel: I’ve always dug Ronnie back to the Steeler days. Got any? A bastard son.” A recent press release has announced a KEEL reunion with 4/5 the original line up. Will you be checking out KEEL in 2009?

Steeler use to play shows with RATT back in the day, yeh I’d go see them. We have 3 outta 5.

8. What is the dumbest thing you ever spent your money on  back in the hey day?

Diamond rings, you never get them back!

9. In your eyes, who is the most overrated group/artist in rock n’ roll?

Metal Skool/Steel Panther


Stephen Pearcy, Robin Crosby (R-I-P King) & Warren DeMartini.

10. What are your memories of these fallen rock stars.

Robbin Crosby from Ratt =

the Real deal, a brother, partner in crime, King

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana = Lost talent.

Randy Rhoades from Ozzy’s band = Creative loss.

Bon Scott of AC/DC = Big bang.

Kevin DuBrow from Quiet Riot = sincerely good person

Bradley Nowell singer of Sublime = Shame

Randy Castillo = Great person, talent

Dimebag Darrell of Pantera = Brother loss

Layne Staley of Alice in Chains = Talent Loss

Cliff Burton of Metallica = genre loss talent

11.  What’s the best story about you that you don’t remember doing, but had someone else tell you the gory details after the fact?

Mexico, plenty over the years, RATT or otherwise.


Pearcy & DeMartini.

12. “Rock of Love – Bus” (season 3) has officially started. What are your thoughts on this live reality backstage groupie train wreck for the masses?


13. Kill, Fuck, Marry. You kill one, fuck one and marry the other. Choices are: Carmen Electra, Carmen Diaz & Carrie Underwood.


Carmen Diaz/xxx



Stephen Pearcy in the garage jamming San Diego old skool 1978.

14.  When was the last time Stephen Pearcy did the following stimulants:

Cocaine = 1980’s never liked it

Heroin =late 80’s

Pot = cough, cough

Speed = High School

Crystal = Never

Cigarettes = Today

Alcohol = Mexico

Prozac = Never

Morphine = Never, only in surguries

X-tacy =Never in to it


15. Who is the luckiest band in rock n’ roll?

Spinal Tap


16. You’re about to be dropped on an island for 6 months. You get to pick 1 of each to accompany you. Ready – go?

1 beverage drink = Water

1 food item = Pizza

1 compact disc = Led Zeppelin IV

1 clothing item = levis

1 porn star = Have to think about that one


17. What about new music. Any new bands or new sounds & styles your digging on?

Last band I really liked, The Kieser Cheifs.

18. Yes or no has Stephen Pearcy…

Lost your voice & had to cancel the show = No

Boned a black chick on the road = No

Cried in the last 30 days = NO

Spent more than a grand at a strip club = Never

Driven a dragster in excess of 200 mph = One of my cars, close.

Did drugs with a member of Poison = Yes

Jammed with Metal Skool/Steel Panther = Yes

Wore hair extensions = No

Punched a member of Ratt in the face = Close

Drank a girls piss = Fuck No! sick fucker!


OG mid 80s Ratt in the Zlozower studio.

19. What was your biggest ever music related check for and what did you buy with it?

Not my biggest but, one time 40K on a new Prosche in 1984. Another time 80K and bought a fuckin sandwich!

20. Word Association Part II. We mention a name, you give us your thoughts.

Gene Simmons = Music Business, Music

Jani Lane = Cherry pie

CC DeVille = One and only

John Force = The best

W. Axl Rose =Fuckin Crazy talent

John Corabi = Great singer writer

Bret Michaels = Rock o’ Love bus

Lars Ulrich = Metallica

Carlos Cavazo = Metal Health/RATT

Barack Obama = Our new Prez!

We’d like to give a big thanks to Stephen Peracy for answering all of our questions this time. Next time set down the water bong long enough to give us more than a 1 word answer on some of these – can you dig it original bastard?

Make sure to check out the Rat Bastard on tour solo and with the mighty Ratt.

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