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Fan reports on Great White & Jack Russell in wheelchair.

Fans reports on Great White show & Jack Russell in a wheelchair.


Jack Russell (right) according to a fan fell down drunk & was carried off to his room.

A fan has posted a blog about what he saw over the weekend at a Great White show.

The bloggers name is "LaBatt" and they wrote:

Some friends and I were in the upper peninsula of Michigan this past weekend doing some snowmobiling. We happen to be in Sault Ste Marie and noticed that Great White was playing there that evening. We purchased tickets and went to the show. I will not bore the masses with a show recap, I will point out some things I did notice.

Show starts and Jack shuffles out and I mean shuffle, I think the only thing holding him up was the mic stand. Jack, the audience came to see you sing, it is fun to now and then hold the mic out to the crowd so they can sing a verse, not the whole fucking song as you pretty much did thru out the show. Jack did mumble something about having a sore throat but "didn’t want to dissapoint the thousands of fans here tonight !!" Jack, there were about about 300 people there. During every solo and non singing part of a song he would turn around and bend over at the waist towards the drummer, looking like he wanted to throw up.

Show ends and we head to the bar in the casino. About an hour later the band minus Jack comes in and sits down to start drinking. We walk over to them and talk about the show, they were all real cool. The bass player looks up and says "Jacks here, this should be fun" Jack is sitting at a table in the middle of the bar next to a rather large girl, hell she was fucking huge. They were huddled together going over life strategies, actually she was holding his head up as he was slumped over the table. We watch this train wreck unfold for another half hour than decide to hit the trails again. We gather our stuff and head out, first we stop off at bar to pay our tab. While we are doing this Jack decides to get up also, only gravity takes a hold and "Down goes Frazier" He gets a couple guys to help him up and they then proceed to carry him under each arm to the hotel elevator.

Next morning we are standing in the lobby checking out when the elevator doors open up and Jack comes out of the elevator being pushed in a wheelchair by someone, he looked like crap.

All in all I really felt sorry for him, I enjoy his singing and hope everything is all right in his world.

Someone asked about if there were any photos, and a 2nd post by LaBatt reads:

You know I did have my cell phone and was going to take a couple of pics/movie however I just didn’t feel it was right. I am not a holier than thou person but it was just sad, especially the bar scene. Also, I did see a drink in front of him at the table but all of the time spent there at the bar I ddi not see him take one drink, he was drinking water onstage as well.

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