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More updates on Faster Pussycat drama in Detroit.

More updates on Faster Pussycat drama in Detroit.


Taime Downe with Vic Wayne (right) and a lady friend.


Well it seems that the events on New Years Eve surrounding the Faster Pussycat show at "Blondie’s" did indeed happen, however the details are still a bit cloudy.

One thing that has been mentioned more than once is that the band was jumped and definitely out numbered. This is from more than a few sources and it seemed to be planned as well. If this is the case, that’s down right fucked up. Taime might wear a dress, but he ain’t a punk ass bitch and can hold his own. Usually if you’re gonna walk around in the garb he does – you better be ready to bring it, and back it up if needed.

Here is a statement that was forwarded to us and released from "Blondie’s" 

We have been hearing viscious rumors about our NYE Event with Faster Pussycat. Hence this statement for you all.

The ownership, management and staff of Blondies would like to remain as professional as possible in saying that, Faster Pussycat is respected for their musical accomplishments as Artists by all at this establishment.

The incident that everyone is "speculating" about on metalsludge and in closed corners, happened between an angry patron/supporter of Blondies, and Taime the singer from Faster Pussycat.

How/Why it happened is still news to us. And to be honest we really don’t care How/Why. All we care about is that both parties involved are well.

(And for the record. Nobody was shot, nobody was stabbed, we have FULL Security and Off Duty Detroit Police Officers on Staff, with The Vice Squad of The Detroit Police Department right next door!) So NOTHING about those types of rumors are true. Blondies is the ONLY Detroit Venue with it’s own secured and fenced parking, in addition to having the Detroit Police as off duty patrons, off duty staff and on duty neighbors. It was a bar fight people…THAT’S IT!

Our security staff controlled the situation under the policies of the club and Michigan Law. The reason the altercation did happen was because Taime decided to go against our securities instruction, and tried to exit the building un-escorted after leaving the stage. When security arrived to the location of the scuffle, both parties were escorted out of Blondies.

As for the rumors of non-payment. Totally untrue in every way rumored as well. Faster Pussycat was PAID IN FULL and then some. Everything in their Rider was met, from monies to accomodations. Ruzvelt and X are well respected Industry Professionals, that always make good on both written and verbal contracts and agreements.

Blondies, MAMA Productions, WRIF and Source Audio have no knowledge of what was said, or done between the ppl involved in the altercation "rumored".

The only involvement Blondies had in that altercation was the protection and/or removal of our Musical Acts and Patrons.

This incident was unfortunate and we apologize for any inconvenience it caused our Patrons, Faster Pussycat and DETROIT LOCAL ARTISTS that busted their asses, doing the pre-boxed tickets to get their people here for the event.

Kudos to SATURNINE HELLO – THE RYAN HORIZON BAND and VIC WAYNE for doing their part on that show. And a Special Thanks to THROW THE FIGHT as well.



GM/Talentbuyer – Blondies

We got this e-mail below from the Sound Company or someone who claimed to be them.

From: d?????

Sent: Monday, January 05, 2009 3:35 PM

To: Metal Sludge

Subject: Faster Pussycat @ Blondies New Years Eve

To whom it may concern…


It has just been brought to our atention that a message claiming to be from Source Audio Systems LLc has been posted on metal sludge reguarding the Faster Pussycat Show At Blondies New Years Eve.


The Following message was NOT written by anyone from or associated with Source Audio Systems LLc .


Source Audio Systems LLc is a contractor hired to provide Sound Equipment for the show… Period.


The events that took place at Blondies on new years eve had nothing to do with Source Audio Systems or its employees. No one from our company directly saw what took place due to the fact that it happend side stage and behind the speaker stack so we cannot comment on what actually happend.


All we know is that a microphone got dammaged beyond repair as a result of whatever took place between the parties involved.


We only hope that the members of Faster Pussycat and their record company are ok and we wish them a speedy recovery.


Source Audio Systems LLc


Lady friend & Faster Pussycat’s 135 lb guitarist Michael Thomas.

Also, an e-mail from a patron who was at the show.

From: C?????

Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 2:50 AM

To: Metal Sludge

Subject: New Years Eve Brawl



I gotta say that pretty much everything I’ve read about the Faster Pussycat incident at Blow-Me’s in Detroit is accurate as I was one of the 60 to 80 people there. What I saw and heard was totally appalling and insane, and I find it really hard to believe that the club and booking agent will walk away from this with their asses in tact.

I was in the "penthouse" suite (4th floor of the club, minimal heat and still under construction) with FP like 1/2 hour before they went on and watched the club owner taking Taime off into another room. The owner was very anxious and jumpy. When they returned, Taime mentioned something about ‘not wanting to do that as it would be the same as paying to play’ to the owner. I have no idea what was offered.

The rest of the band was just sitting around tuning their guitars and chatting about the tour they just finished in Australia, and dealng with jet lag and the colds they had. This was a group of very passive cats, very polite and nice people. And, I should point out, very thin and/or small dudes! The 3 guitar players were MAYBE 135 lbs each!

So anyway, I was standing front stage, next to Vic Wayne, and can say everything he mentioned was accurate. Someone DID make an announcement from the stage asking if anyone would care if FP did not play, and they were answered with boos. The club was apparently trying to set their plan in action at that point.

FP came on stage shortly after and kicked ASS on 4 songs, including Power and the Glory Hole and Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. Taime was awesome and a true performer. The band played like nothing at all was wrong. Then after the 4th song, some jackasses from side stage were obviously heckling the band and throwing shit at them. There was some scuffling around and Vic jumped on stage to help Taime as no security seemed available. I walked back to the bar area at that point and did not see anything after that. Vic came hauling ass up to the bar a few minutes later all flipped out, with a fat-ass security guy chasing him. The guy kept grabbing at him, wanting to throw him out, and we were able to get the guy to leave him alone.

I left soon after that and did not see anyone get beat up.

Long story short, I know for a fact that the club owner could not pay FP for the show, as I heard him say it. So when he could not apparently persuade FP to throw the show, he had his friends fuck with them until they were forced to leave the stage and possibly break their contract. (I don’t know what the contract contains). The dude knew in advance how many tickets were sold. He knew he was fucked on that before he ever had FP fly in from LA. His booking agent was trying to force the other bands that played that night to sell tickets for him…even out in the fucking 15 degree cold ass parking lot during the show! But he flew them in anyway. I’m sure FP did not need that bullshit and could have spent New Years Eve anyplace else in the world besides fucking Blow-Me’s night club!

Really nasty, dirty business practices on the club’s part. I have told ALL my friends to stay the fuck away from that place and that booking agency cuz they wont’ get paid, will be forced to sell tickets to pay for the other bands the club WILL pay, and most likey get their asses kicked by a bunch of stupid bikers. LAG is booked to play there in April. Hope they bring alot of security and an attorney!

The only word we’ve heard is from the bands agency Artists World Wide and when asked about the band being okay, their response was: "everyone is fine."

Not sure if they meant Taime Downe is a fine piece of ass, Michael Thomas has a fine and chizzled 135 frame or that their physical and mental condition is fine. We hope all 3.

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