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Faster Pussycat NYE gig brawl/beatdown update!

Faster Pussycat NYE gig brawl/beatdown update!


Is Taime doing the Hokey Pokey on stage? Maybe that’s why they beat him up. It looks a little: "You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out" from these pics!

We’re getting a few updates on the New Years Eve episode >HERE< involving the city of Detroit, the band Faster Pussycat, a club called "Blondies", a possible Goth version of the Hokey Pokey & some good old fashioned fightin’ scratchin’ clawin’ & P, P, Pussy Catin’.


Taime Downe and Vic Wayne.

This is from Vic Wayne himself, this was sent from his MySpace. His band was on the bill.

first i feel im putting my own ass on the line by talking to you! but for the sake of faster pussycat and all the rumors heres my story on the situation . i never seen taime get beat up ! i do know there was some shady shit going on w/ the money also from my point being one of the opening acts i felt that i was fucked by the promoter …but maybe thats my fault by signing contracts w/ out fully reading them ? this is how it went down.i smelled a rat days before the show i went back and forth w/ the promoter for days.the day of the show sound check was at 5 we pulled up and on the marquee is said another bands name (i wont mention ) wsg faster pussycat ! i thought wtf ? i should take a pic of this cause i smell a rat ! but it was cold as fuck i was tired and just wanted to get in . i walk in see taime say hello he was in a very good mood took a few pix they split back the there hotel to get ready . we go on it was great ! but ! they put the only glam bands on us and saturan nine first and then some dave matt soundin shit on and then the fuckers that started shit w/ taime on before f.p . i remeber some fuck nut coming on stage and saying do you mind if faster pussycat doesent play tonight ? everyone booed w/ good reason ! they payed $25 bucks a pop to see them ! now theres more i know but im not telling you need to ask f.p. for that ! but there was a money problem the club dident want them to go on because of it ! it wasent f.p.’s fault it was the clubs ! but taime i guess dident want to disapoint anyone and went on anyway ! they go on the sound was great i was dead center in front of taime he was putting on a great show untill ! the band that went on before them started throwing shit at them and yelling from the side of the stage . taime after 4 songs had enough just like anyone and yelled back ! then i seen him go after the fucks no one was helping so i jumped up on stage and started to help ! me and tamie was drug back . some fat fucking bouncer tried to drag me off and pull me upstaires ! and taime told him to get his hands off me . i walked away .next thing i see and the last of taime i seen was him getting drug upstairs ! ive heard the rumors from there but cant confirm or DENY them ! but ill tell ya there was some shady shit going on and it was not in anyway f.p’s fault ! IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB FROM THE START !

and there ya have it my story for now ! i do know alot more inside bullshit but i will not air it ! fuck for my own protection at the least ! this shit was rouge and it was not fp’s fault and makes me sad i live in this city!



This is from a fan/patron who was at the show.

From: K?????

Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2009 6:54 PM

To: Metal Sludge

Subject: Faster Pussycat

I was there, at Blondie’s in Detroit. There was an announcement made at 12:15am that the band was not going to be playing after all. Finally, they do take the stage. They did 4 songs, not 6. A drink was hurled at Taime. Taime had words exchanged with the guy at the side of the stage. Bouncers got on stage, Taime says " lets go backstage and talk" he then announces to the "crowd" of say 60? max, (including staff) " we’ll be back in a bit" they go off to the right of the stage and talk. Within minutes, crew are taking down the stage. Then FPC made comments about a member from Helicon, his old lady nails the drummer… Taime meanwhile is getting his ass whipped outside, yes, while in his dress. Along with the rest of the band minus Xristian.


Is the rumours true? We’ll peep’s like me DO luv those Kodak moments ;)


BTW, I’m told thru the grapevine ( by a reliable source ) Both Phil Lewis and Vic Wayne have stated the upcoming show in April at Blondie’s will be a "night to remember" if they see somebody wearing a Metal Sludge shirt. Seeing they both "fucking despise" Metal Sludge, anyone interested in tossing one my way? I do love a good cat fight! lmfao




An e-mail from the guy who owns the PA system thats currently in the club.

From: O???

Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2009 8:08 PM

To: Metal Sludge


Well just to set it right:

        The Band was assaulted by the owner before the show, over not wanting to pay full price for the show, second the attendance was more like 60 . The Band got on stage and played into the third song when a member of the Highwaymen Motorcycle club also the singer of Helicon (local band) smashed Taimie  in the face breaking his glasses. This went into a short argument since the security didn’t make an attempt to stop it or prevent it. Well with all this going on the Fans watched as the members of the Highwaymen and some of the security form the bar trashed (lightly) the band all the way off the stage. About five minutes passed the fight was broke apart for the best and the band called it quits and went to dressing room. After getting their equipment together the band made a attempt to leave well as soon as they got to the front door of the bar on the first floor the Highwaymen member had made a phone call and had additional members of his club and Band there to finish the Faster Pussycat guys off. They jumped Taimie four on one and did the same with the rest of the band. The attack went on for about 10 minutes , I was at the bottom of the stairs across from the elevator unable to do anything. The highwaymen let off the band and let them get outside , as soon as they got outside the highwaymen had other members outside waiting and they continued to beat the band.  I was there … I own the sound company that put the sound system in the club. I will be pulling out of this club soon as I fear for my life just being there.

And for the Record the band (Faster Pussycat) didn’t really do anything more than want to get paid as the contract stated….

Hey Faster Pussycat was cool and didn’t deserve the shit the bar and the Highwaymen gave them…. and the guys in the band looked like they were hurt pretty bad.


If I was in a band this would be my last place I would think of playing after this shit…..or bring armed guards and get paid weeks in advance.

We still have yet to hear from the band themselves.

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