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Let’s meet all of these “Rock of Love – Bus” bimbos!

Let’s meet the "Rock of Love – Bus" bimbos 1 at time.


All 20 girls along with Bret & Bog John.

 NIKKI_ROL_32.jpg                  Ashley_ROL_32.jpg

Nikki (DJ Lady Tribe) served 6 months. Ashley has half a sleeve of tats’ on her left arm.

Heather_ROL_32.jpg                   Megan_ROL_32.jpg

Heather says she’s never done anything like this. Megan trains animals like lions & tigers.

Constandina_ROL_32.jpg                  Natasha_ROL_32.jpg

Constandina says she’s a spirtual person. Natasha is an aspsiring madam from Canada. 

Marcy_ROL_32.jpg                  Stephanie_ROL_32.jpg

Marci is from Hollywood, California.             Stephanie says she’s a licensed nurse.

Kelsey_ROL_32.jpg                  Maria_ROL_32.jpg

Kelsey from Utah claims she knows how to party. Maria is 40 and says she’s a retired model.

Marcia_ROL_32.jpg                  Mindy_ROL_32.jpg

Marcia has a little accent & comes from Brazil. Mindy is our little southern Country girl!

Farrah_ROL_32.jpg                  Brittanya_ROL_32.jpg

Farrah looks like her name sounds!   Brittanya has more tats than all of Poison combined.

Beverly_ROL_32.jpg                  Taya_ROL_32.jpg

Beverly from Atlanta is a little plain.         Taya is a former Penthouse Pet & cover girl.

GIA_ROL_32.jpg                  Samantha_ROL_32.jpg        

Gia is a tiny blond from Hawaii.                 Samantha is a little older and too spastic.


Melissa teaches pilates. Brittany a former Porn Star is now a singer & we can’t find her picture!

We also combined their IQ’s and came up with 14.

Awesome, can’t wait to see it all unfold!

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